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Athletic Team Travel

Your group is charged with developing a budget and schedule for an LU sport team (you choose the team) that just qualified for the playoffs and is competing versus another University/College outside of Virginia and that requires an overnight trip. You must pick a state outside of Virginia that you have never lived in.


You must decide on the following:

What team?

Where are they playing?

How many/which athletes will travel?

How many/which coaches will travel?

How many/which other support personnel will travel?

The trip requires the following:

· Overnight Trip (at least 1 night)

· Travel Arrangements

o If the trip is less than 6 hours from Lynchburg then you can use Charter Buses (rented, not University)

o If the trip is more than 6 hours form Lynchburg then plane travel will be necessary

o How is Equipment getting there?

· Meals

o Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Pre-Game, Post-Game

o Per Diems

o Eating out or having food delivered?

§ Where and/or how?

· Lodging

o Rooms for all staff members/players

o No more than 2 people to a room

o Head Coach and lead Assistants (at minimum) get their own rooms

· Other expenses that are sport specific


Setup an EXCEL spreadsheet that includes all expenses. 

Include an itinerary for the entire trip, contact information for the transportation used, lodging, and meals in either Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. The itinerary should be easy to interpret, contain times and locations, allow for appropriate duration for events, provide extensive details to eliminate confusion, and take into account all parties.

Provide documentation for ALL costs. Not just URLs, but screenshots.

Finally, include the COST PER ATHLETE for the trip. This is not a cost per person but a cost per athlete. In other words all total costs divided by the number of athletes on the trip.

Once you have complied all of the previously listed information, create a PowerPoint that summarizes the above criteria. There is no minimum or maximum length for this summary.

What You Will Submit on Blackboard

1. A Budget created in Excel and formatted properly based on the principles learned in Chapter 2 and containing all trip associated expenses.

2. A detailed Itinerary, completed in either Word or PowerPoint.

3. A PowerPoint Summary of your trip including arrangements, travel party, documentation for costs, etc.

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