Topic 12 KNC 6-10Please let me know correct answer and explain it

Topic 12 KNC 6-10

Please let me know correct answer and explain it


Supply chain management : purchasing & supply management (Negotiation: Getting Contracts and Relationships Rights)

6.In a negotiation, the RV is used to calculate BATNA.



7.The expectation that if one party makes a concession, the other party will make the next concession is called the . . .?

a. Concession expectation

b. Quid pro quo

c. Multiple concession expectation

d. Norm of reciprocity

e. Serial concession pattern

8.The longer parties negotiate, the more willing they are to make concessions. The discussion mentions that roughly ___% of the concessions in a negotiation are

made during the last ___% of the negotiation:

a. 50/50

b. 60/40

c. 70/30

d. 80/20

e. 90/10

9. At the end of the day, as a supply professional you will negotiate for two basic reasons: 1) to claim value your company, and 2) to lower price.



10.The most obvious focus of a negotiation is the price that you will pay to a supplier.



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