Topic 11 1-5Please let me know correct answer and explain it !Supply chain

Topic 11 1-5

Please let me know correct answer and explain it !

Supply chain

Management : Purchashin & supply management (Electronic Sourcing)

Which of the following are potential benefits of ERP systems?

a. Greater data accuracy

b. More streamlined processes

c. Greater efficiency

d. Improved visibility

e. All of the above

2.The competitiveness in reverse auctions is enabled by . . .?

a. Suppliers ability to see in real-time how their bids compare to those of rivals

b. Suppliers not being able to communicate with the buyer other than through the auction site

c. Suppliers knowing who the competing bidders are

d. Suppliers colluding

e. Suppliers being rewarded for superior quality

3.Which of the following statements on electronic sourcing is false?

a. Electronic sourcing is not a means to an end

b. Electronic sourcing replaces all human interaction

c. Electronic sourcing needs to be implemented very carefully

d. Electronic sourcing can streamline sourcing processes

e. Electronic sourcing enables you to focus on the important tasks

4.What does ThomasNet help you to do?

a. Help you in marketing efforts

b. Share information with suppliers

c. Negotiate with suppliers

d. Discover suppliers

e. Nothing

5.Why would your company use a sourcing application suite?

a. Data integrity

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