To this point in the final project, you have assisted your coachee to (1) develop two professional objectives and assess their significance, (2) identify possible obstacles to the objectives, and (3)

To this point in the final project, you have assisted your coachee to (1) develop two professional objectives and assess their significance, (2) identify possible obstacles to the objectives, and (3) determine some possible strategies and action steps for reaching the objectives. During the final week of the project, you will be moving towards closure in the coaching relationship and evaluating the effectiveness of your work with your coachee.

Because of the short duration of the coaching practicum, concluding whether significant progress has been made towards achieving the desired outcomes might be unclear. However, as you complete your coaching interaction, it is important for you and your coachee to reflect on the process in which you engaged as a collaborative team, including how you will bring the coaching relationship to a close and what next steps the coachee will take. In other words, the reflection is about the quality of the process and next steps more than the success of reaching the objectives.

Week 5 Assignment

As part of the reflection process, the coachee should complete the Coaching Feedback Form. As the student-coach, you should address the following questions.

Assessment of Tasks and Process:

What tasks were identified and successfully completed by you and your coachee during the coaching relationship?

How would you assess your coachee’s participation, open-mindedness, and willingness to be coached?

Did you hold your coachee accountable for completions?

How did you do this?

Were your methods successful? Why?

How would you assess your effectiveness as a coach?

What specifically did you learn about yourself through this process?

What coaching strengths and weaknesses emerged through this process?

What did you learn from this coaching experience?

How did your coachee assess your effectiveness as a coach? What gaps exist, if any, between your self-assessment of your performance and your coachee’s assessment of your performance?

What would you do differently if you had the opportunity to re-do the coaching project?

What did you learn about the potential for coaching to enhance the professional development of individuals in an organization? To enhance the productivity of an organization?

If it were possible to do so, how would you infuse coaching into your organization?

How did this project affect your leadership knowledge and skills?

What is your overall assessment of this coaching process? Was it a valuable experience for you and your coachee? Why or why not?

Assessment of Next Steps

What next steps, if any, have you and your coachee agreed to work on?

Will your coachee continue the coaching process with a certified coach?

What next steps have you identified for yourself to continue your own professional development?

Assessment of Appropriate Closure

How did you close your coaching relationship?

How did you and your coachee feel about this relationship coming to a close?

Did you discuss this closure and your respective feelings with each other?

Does your coachee feel comfortable moving forward with the plans and objectives independent of the coaching relationship?

Have you ensured confidentiality of all communications and properly destroyed all written communications?

Submission Details:

Organize and submit your report in a four page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.

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