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The Researcher / Writer
You are now ready to begin your research and writing.  As you read about your issue be sure to explore different perspectives.

Exercise caution when doing research, especially on the internet. Be sure you have located reliable sources.   Remember, you can’t believe everything you read!  
Use the CSUF library databases to research your topic.  Log on to the site through your portal so that you will have access to the databases that the library has purchased.  Click on the “Library” tab and select “Find Articles” under the Research heading.  
Find a minimum of two sources that address your issue.  Be sure they are reliable sources and that diverse perspectives are represented.  One of your sources must be a scholarly source.  
Complete the attached worksheet. (You will find it at the bottom of this page.  Use the Download arrow at the right side of the screen to download the worksheet as a Word document.)  You must include the following information about your sources.
Source (APA format)


Analysis of the Article

Describe the author’s credentials, purpose and audience

Include a brief summary of the content.  (Conclusion, Reasons, Assumptions)


Evaluation of the Article

Is it reliable?  Is there a bias or is it objective? 

        Is there significant information omitted?  Did the author acknowledge different perspectives?

        Do you think there is enough evidence?

        Do you think the information presented is overstated and/or simplified? 

        How timely is the source? Is it relevant?



        What did you think were strengths and weaknesses of the article?         

Did you come to the same conclusion as the author?  Do you think his/her conclusion is


Has the information presented changed how you think about the topic? Provide specific examples.

        Did the article help you learn about your topic?  Was the article useful?



       Did the article inspire you to take action as an advocate for change regarding this topic?

You will need to cite your sources using APA format.  
The following cite will help you to create your citations.
    The Citation Machine
The Critic
Next, you must share your worksheet with one of your group members. One easy way to exchange papers with your group members is to circulate an alphabetical list of your group members and have each person on the list contact the person whose name is listed under his/her name.  The last person on the list could contact the person who is listed first.  In this way, each individual will send their worksheet to the person listed under them on the list and receive a worksheet to critique from the person listed above them.  
 Your group member must critique your work and give you feedback.  It is important that the feedback is specific so that you can make appropriate changes before you contribute your annotations to the final group paper.  Watch this video about the art of critique and feedback.

The Story of Austin’s Butterfly



Once your group member has critiqued your work and returned it to you, submit it on the Read 290 course site.  You do not have to make the revisions that are suggested on this worksheet.  Next week, you will be collaborating on the final draft.  At that time you will have an opportunity to rewrite your annotations and select your best one to include on the final draft.  
Remember, you will also be serving as a critic for one of your group members this week.  Each group member must submit a worksheet individually.  You will be receiving 5 points for your work as a researcher/writer on your worksheet, and 5 points for your work as a critic on a group member’s worksheet, for a total of 10 points.  

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