This is to be a formal report with proper headings, spelling and formatting.  Use 12 point Times Roman font and…

  • This is to be a formal report with proper headings, spelling and formatting.  Use 12 point Times Roman font and double space the paper.  There is no fixed length other than being sufficiently long to include what you need to cover. 
  • If you did additional research to help you perform the analysis, make sure to include the information that you gathered as part of your research into your topic. 
  • You will want to start this report by providing an overview of your project that includes:
    • An overview of your project that explains the background of your project and the purpose of your project, in other words, explain the goals of your project.  This section should include background information gathered from material that was provided or gathered from the Internet.
    • An explanation of the type of data that you are analyzing.  Describe the purpose of the data and the type of information included in the data.  You do not need to explain every column in detail; but rather the types of data included in your project.  It would be helpful to include some select screen shots from Excel showing representative samples of your data as well as some explanations of the data that you are showing.
  • The main body of your report will including the following information.  Repeat the following for each of the analyses that you perform:
    • Looking at the data you have in Cognos, briefly identify and explain what you are trying to analyze such as summary statistics such as averages, counts, etc. or whether an association exists between multiple variables. 
    • Include the numerical results and the associated graphs from Cognos.
    • Then briefly explain the results in a non-technical fashion.  Remember that you are looking at correlations so be careful about making statements related to causation.
    • Keep in mind that even negative findings can be useful to your client.
    • Make sure to review any guidance that your client may have provided to ensure that you are addressing any specific questions that were posed by the client.
    • You will want to group sets of analysis together based on a constant theme such as similar variables or similar type of analyses. 
    • Include appropriate headings in your project to group the sets of analyses together.
    • You may want to edit column labels in Cognos to eliminate any “excess verbiage” that Cognos may add during the import process such as “Total of” or simply to make the column heading more concise or understandable.  To do this in Cognos, select the column label that you want to change, right-click on the label and select: “Edit and Move”.  Then select the label to change by double-clicking the heading and changing it.  You can also change the Dimension heading at the same time. 
  • At the end of your report, provide a summary section that highlights the key findings that you discovered. 
  • Each member of the group will want to keep a copy of this final report to show to prospective employers.

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