[SOLVED] The Second McGraw-Hill Case on ILinc

Assignment Instructions- Second Start Up Analysis: the second McGraw-Hill case on ILinc.
Please discuss the following issues, using the concepts in chapters 2-15, on the second McGraw-Hill case on ILinc. The paper should
be approximately 12-15 pages in length, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, using the SOM style guide. Note: If the step occurred,
describe it and assess its strengths and weaknesses. If the step did not occur, make note of that and then describe what the firm
should have done.
1. Describe the process of recognizing the business opportunity. (worth 8 points)
Four essen)al quali)es of an opportunity (a3rac)ve, )mely, durable, anchored)
Observing trends, solving a problem, gap in the marketplace.
2. Assess the feasibility analysis. (worth 8 points)
Product/service desirability and demand
Industry/market a3rac)veness
Organiza)onal: management prowess and resource sufficiency
Financial: start up cash needed, financial performance of similar businesses,
overall financial a3rac)veness of the proposed venture.
3. Describe and assess the business model. (worth 8 points)
Value chain analysis
Core strategy; Strategic resources; Partnerships; Customer interfaces
4. Assess the industry and compeAtor analysis. (worth 8 points)
Industry trends; Porter’s five forces; Industry type
Compe)tor analysis: direct, indirect, and future
Compe)tor analysis grid
5. Describe and assess the iniAal business plan. (worth 8 points)
Summary business plan; Full business plan; Opera)onal business plan
Red flags in business plan?
6. Assess the preparaAon for the proper ethical and legal foundaAon. (worth 8 points)
Code of conduct, Ethics training program
Founder’s agreement
Business Licenses
Organiza)on legal structure
7. Assess the financial strength and viability of the new venture. (worth 8 points)
Profitability, Liquidity, Efficiency, Stability
8. Assess the assembly of the management team.
Founding team qualifica)ons (homogeneous/heterogeneous)
Board of directors; Advisory board
9. Describe and assess the new venture funding. (worth 8 points)
Funding sources
Debt/equity funding
Strategic partners
10. Assess the markeAng plan. (worth 8 points)
Target market
Unique posi)oning
Four Ps
11. Assess the protecAon of the intellectual property. (worth 8 points)
Conduct an intellectual property audit..
12. Assess the new venture’s growth plans. (worth 8 points)
Challenges of growth
Internal growth strategies
External growth strategies
13. Should the firm have used a franchising strategy? (worth 4 points)
Yes or no?
Why or why not?

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