The Pharmacy Profession Reflection Paper

The response should follow the What, So What, Now What format described below. Be sure to personalize the reflection, write in the first person ( ” I ” ). What happened to you, how did it impact you, and provide multiple examples of what you will do next (now what) to advance your knowledge and experience.
So for Reflection #2 here are some additional thoughts to guide you. Please use your personal results from the APhA Pathways activity you completed in lab to help you write this reflection. Reflections should be personal, you should strive to include two examples for each area.
What? What interests you most about the pharmacy profession? What area of pharmacy practice interests you at this point in time? Consider l******ing some of the career areas suggested by APhA Pathways that you are most interested in and why you have those interests. Perhaps discuss the career areas that you hadn’t thought of and if any of the suggestions changed your thoughts on your career path.
So What? Why is it important to have a career plan? Consider discussing some of your pros and cons for exploring career paths early, the state of the profession, and competitiveness of entry level positions.
Now What? How will you continue to explore avenues in pharmacy, gain s******s and update your career plan? Consider giving some examples and timelines for when and how you will explore your career plans. How will you explore some of the areas? When and who will help you explore the career options?

1.the APhA Pathways activity you completed in lab to help you write this reflection-
This activity is derived from the APhA Pathway Evaluation Program. Some pages of the briefing document are included on this worksheet to help you out.
The full program is available at: https://www.pharmac******.com/Career/Career-Pathways
2..your career path. career plan:clinical pharmac******
3.The reflection is good but lacks any real life examples. You talk about professionalism being something different than what you thought but you dont provide examples or thoughts on what it really is.
There is also no examples or goals on how you will incorporate professionalism
There are also a few typos, which can be easily fixed by re-reading before submitting it the next time.

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