The DA plans, sections, elevations and detail (Dwgs 01 to 11) of a proposed suburban mixed office development inMaitland NSW, have been distributed to you separately. For this design, Maitland is Lati

The DA plans, sections, elevations and detail (Dwgs 01 to 11) of a proposed suburban mixed office development inMaitland NSW, have been distributed to you separately.

For this design, Maitland is Latitude 32044’ South, with 6m elevation above sea level.

Design the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (each to the applicable areas) to the Level 2 office portion of the development (ref. Dwg 05). The air conditioned area will generally be occupied between 8:00am and 6:00pm, five days per week, with the ability to operate after these hours if necessary. All air handling equipment will be packaged units, located externally and to your recommendation. The units can either be (a) air-cooled, or (b) water-cooled and connected via condenser water lines to a common cooling tower. You will provide detail(s) of your selection.

Design Parameters

The air conditioning system is to provide performance-based comfort conditions within the air conditioned space based on the following requirements of the developer. Figures are provided for Albury:

350C DB / 240C WB +/- 10C 60C DB +/- 10C

Inherent system characteristics must be chosen to limit internal RH to not more than about 50% under most ambient conditions.

The following information is to be used in the air conditioning cooling load calculations for the office areas:

Occupancy: Lighting:Office equipment: Building structure: Glazing:

Outdoor air quantity: Toilet exhaust air:

To be determined in accordance with proposed fit-out

20 watts/m 2

10 watts/m 2

Refer drawings and particularly Dwg 08-10 for best details

Single glazed, from Viridianglass V-LamTM – Laminated range in Grey (see vUWS Viridian file, p124, for details) installed within aluminium mullions.

To AS 1668.2To AS 1668.2 and BCA

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Assessment criteria

Note: We are interested in summer conditions only for this assignment. Design for summer cooling equipment only ie. no need to design boiler installations for winter heating.

1. Heat load calculations [50% of assignment 3]

Carry out air conditioning load estimates using the Carrier method down to total grand heat. Calculate exhaust air quantities, and include:

(a) all calculations for U-values, or nominate sources(b) calculations for peak solar gains through glass(c) equivalent temperature difference calculations for walls and roof (d) peak zone loads(e) basis for outside air quantities and comparison with exhaust(f) any other information necessary for design calculations

All the above items will be necessary in order to successfully complete the Carrier sheets

2. Psychrometrics and Equipment Selection [10% of assignment 3]

a). Plot on psychrometric chart of summer conditioning cycle [10% overall]

3. Ductwork Design [40% of assignment 3]

[50% overall]

Design the appropriate air conditioning and toilet exhaust ductwork to Level 2 (Dwgs 05 and 11) only. On a plan, indicate layouts and ductwork sizes. Justify duct velocities where applicable. Determine exhaust air quantities and nominate the size of fans required, assuming separate toilet exhaust system.

a). Layout logisticsb). Method of air flow design (constant velocity etc)c). Diagramatic representation of ductulator calculations d). Toitlet exhaust and cumulative loads

[15% overall] [ 5% overall] [10% overall] [10% overall]

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