The Avant Garde in the Early 20th Century Questions

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Please answer the following six questions. 10 pages long total

The first five questions require shorter answers (2-3 paragraphs each). A paragraph should be at least 7 sentences long. Answer all five of these questions. provide examples of specific works of art in section records to illustrate your answers.
The last question requires a longer response (3 pages, double spaced, 12-point font, no less than 700 words).

Short Essay Questions

  1. Discuss, with specific examples, three aspects of early twentieth century avant-garde art movements, as outlined in course lectures.
  2. How did the Cubists (Picasso, Braque) seek to encourage a critical consciousness in the viewer through their collages and paintings? Compare and contrast this approach with the techniques of the Surrealists (Dali, Kahlo, Ernst, etc.)
  3. Compare and contrast the murals of Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, both in their technical production and in their relationship to the political and cultural dynamics of the 1930s.
  4. Compare and contrast three types of Dadaism as discussed in course lectures.
  5. Discuss four key characteristics of Constructivism as outlined in course lectures.

Long Essay Question

During the past ten weeks we’ve identified two broad tendencies in the history of modern art. In the first tendency (epitomized by the works of Monet, Gauguin, Kandinsky, etc.) the artist turns away from any direct engagement with, or reference to, the forces and influences of modern life. In the second tendency (represented by Courbet, Daumier, and the Dada and Constructivist movements) the artist chooses to interact directly with those forces and influences. Describe the ways in which each tendency constitutes a protest against the dehumanizing experience of modernization, using two artists from each group. Using specific examples, describe the way in which works of art produced within each tendency sought to transform or otherwise affect the consciousness of the viewer. [Note: depending on how you frame your answer this question may require you to reference material from the first half of the term]

you need to watch 5 videos (Lecture records) to get the answer. you can’t google the answer because that maybe not the right answer that I want. Also, for the 5 short answers, not outside readings allow, only can get the answer in the videos.


Provide clear citations for any written material that is taken from a book, journal article, website or other source. Use Chicago Manual of Style format: tools_citationguide.html

It’s acceptable to refer to material from the course lectures, and Powerpoints, but do not simply cut and paste verbatim quotes from lectures or section. It’s acceptable to do this with very short segments of writing, but they must be properly cited. You are being evaluated in part on the basis of your ability to articulate, in your own words, the concepts presented in class, not on your ability to simply cut and paste already written material. All additional material (quotations from books, journals, websites or other sources) must be properly cited.

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