The article required for this assignment is  Gee, B., & Peck, D. (2018). Asian Americans Are the Least Likely Group in the U.S. to Be Promoted to Management. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles,

The article required for this assignment is

Gee, B., & Peck, D. (2018). Asian Americans Are the Least Likely Group in the U.S. to Be Promoted to Management. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–5.

Please follow the outline provided, making the bolded topics major headings in your submission to ensure proper organization.

A. Key Issues.

Key Issues: This is where you identify the broad and/or specific findings that the author is presenting, and/or the position that he/she is taking. In this section, the goal is not to complete the full analysis, but to identify what you consider to be the major issues/findings/messages that the author is trying to convey, describe the issues, and briefly describe why they are issues given the context provided. Be sure to make sure that the issues that you identify do not just repeat what the author says, but rather put the author’s perspective in the context of the course material.

B. Analysis

Analysis: This is where you should assess, in a substantive way, the topic and critical issues the author(s) has presented. Be sure to connect your analysis to the week’s topics and cite appropriately. Here is where you can state your position regarding whether you agree or disagree with what the author is saying. An analysis does not simply provide support for what the author says. It takes a critical look at the author’s words relative to your understanding of the material, the nature of work, and employment experiences. The best analyses evaluate the author’s position from all perspectives, articulate support and disagreement, and utilize external sources to support your position/perspective. Your position is not an opinion; it is a careful analysis that results in a conclusion for which you have provided additional support.

C. Relevance to the week’s topic, the field of employment law, and organization management in general

Restate the key issues identified in A above. Explain why these issues are important to the week’s topics, the field of employment law, and the practice of organization management. Be sure to make the linkages clear and relevant to what you have learned and are learning in class and in your readings. Feel free to cite the course readings and other articles or materials.

Expand on your analysis in B above by putting the analysis into practical terms. Explain why organizational leaders should pay attention to this topic, how the results of your analysis impact the field, how organizations operate, and how leaders manage. This is not an exhaustive list of what should be included but rather provides context and suggestions for the type of analysis to be conducted. The goal is to produce information the managers can use.

The last two sections, “Analysis” and “Relevance,” are the most important parts of this assignment. It is expected that these sections will be substantive and reflect a significant understanding of the material, analysis relative to the fields above, and impact/relevance to organizations. Students are expected to include the topic headings above in the summary and develop the analysis accordingly. Give significant attention to linking specific concepts from the articles to specific concepts in the week’s readings and materials. This summary must reference a minimum of two reputable and reliable outside sources, in APA format, utilizing in-text citations and a full reference list at the end.

Make sure that your submission does not exceed the 20% Turnitin threshold in order to be eligible for grading.

The minimum word count for this assignment is 500 words.

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