The Art Institute of Tampa Journal Entry & Design Resource Data Base Report

Discussion 3 – Practice Journal Entry – InstructionsJournal Topic: Finishes and FF&E Items Provided:


Include the steps taken to find each item and as the search continues, make notes to yourself about the actions that you went through especially the learning “light bulbs or Aha’s” that occurred and how they might be used in future searches.

Write the Journal Entry using the following outline:


Product Selected:

Journal entry describing the process of looking for the product above, noting any challenges, shortcuts discovered, notable resources or vendors.

[Repeat the process above for each finish or FF&E product selected].

Coded/Tagged Data Tear Sheets:

Recommended documentation of finish and product selections is as follows:

  1. Establish the Code/Tag to be used for the product
  2. Select the “specification document” option which should provide an image of the item, pertinent information about the product, and any regulatory information required for the type of facility
  3. Using Adobe Acrobat (full version) or Foxit PDF, insert the item Code/Tag in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the document. If specification sheet option is not available from the manufacturer, print only the image and pertinent information as a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat (full version) or Foxit PDF.
  4. After all products are selected, then bind all pdf documents as one pdf document for submission. This will make the assembly of your final digital Project Manual easier to assemble.

Submission Instructions:

Submit the assignment to the Week 2 – Assignment 3 – Practice Journal Entry assignment-SUBMISSION

File name:

(W2_A3_PracJournal Entry_Lastname_Firstinitial.pdf.)

Assignment 4 – Int. Design Resource Data Base Creation – Instructions


This asset is an ongoing assignment with a mid-quarter checkpoint and a final submission. It is a personal database of vendors discovered by you or provided by the instructor which should be maintained throughout the educational journey through the curriculum. By creating and maintaining this reference database, you will have a reference point for sources that you remember having seen our found, but more than likely would not always be able to find again.

It is a great time saver and two templates are available below, one in MS Excel and the other in MS Word. They are organized according to the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Division and Section System

Assignment Submission:

Create your database and submit a blank example in W2-A- Formation of Database

Don't hesitate - Save time and Excel

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