Term paper Topics (List of Articles ) 1.  Urban Pollution 2.  Big Stick Abroad 3.  When Johnny Comes Marching Home 4.  Letter from a Birmingham Jail 5.  The G. I. Bill of Rights 6.  A Good Way to Pick

Term paper Topics (List of Articles )

1. Urban Pollution

2. Big Stick Abroad

3. When Johnny Comes Marching Home

4. Letter from a Birmingham Jail

5. The G. I. Bill of Rights

6. A Good Way to Pick a Fight

7. Coming of Age in Mississippi

8. The Legacy of Vietnam

All of these articles in the list can be found in the American Perspectives E-Reader. You must not use other sources to write these papers. In regard to the term papers, students need to

1- discuss what is the article about,

2- what is the author trying to argue,

3- and what are your thoughts.


Requirements and Length :- it is required to write THREE to FOUR -page term papers (min 1,000 words) on articles that they must read on their own. You must choose one article from the topics listed above and write a term paper. The term papers should be typed and double spaced, using a Times New Roman font of 12. There should be a title page and one-inch margins should be utilized throughout the paper.

Rules Must be Followed :- I take off one point for each error that I see and that includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, errors in spacing and incorrect margins. I also do not want to see any quotes or quotations in any paper that is turned in to me. I take off two points for each quote that I see in a paper. Also plagiarism will not be tolerated. Anyone committing this offense will be given an F in their paper. Any paper that you turn in to me must be written entirely in your own words.

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