Sustainability Option

Your response to this Assignment should be submitted as a single PDF file. Word length guideline for all the options for Assignment 2 Part 1 (approximate guideline only) is 1250 – 1500 words, plus your list of References. Do not count Figures, Charts, or Tables. Any additional material may go into an Appendix, which may or may not be read by the marker.

Note: The purpose is to demonstrate your mastery of the lecture materials. Please make that very clear by using as much of the lecture terminology as appropriate. You don’t have to use every bit of it You should not write a full essay. The style of writing should be brief and to the point – like a business email whilst explaining the key points clearly to a senior manager. Lists of dot points are fine. It is too hard for us to mark an essay on any random topic within sustainability, therefore please begin by choosing just ONE of the following questions. You are free to interpret your question as you choose:

1. Are we getting leadership from the Government?

2. Transitioning away from fossil fuel – but how/when/where?

3. Will Driverless Cars help?

4. Does ICT promote the consumption of more energy or less?

5. How can we conserve hidden resources?

On question 1, my comments in the lecture were deliberately negative to be provocative. Of course, you may agree or disagree with those sentiments. Indeed, for any question you choose, the marker will not be judging whether your opinion is “right” or “wrong” – only how well you can argue your position. Out of the many relevant web sites on the www, select just TWO: one that you think gives a pretty good analysis, even if not perfect in your view; and another one with which you disagree, in whole or in part.

1. (4 Marks) Label your answers 1 (a) for the web site you agree with, and 1 (b) for the web site you partly or wholly disagree with. Give the URL of each web site as a link in your document. Provide a brief summary of the main points from each web site. If you copy brief extracts directly, remember the citations. Explain your reasons for any disagreements you have with each web site. Make sure you use as much of the terminology from the lectures as possible, to convince your marker that you have mastered the lecture materials.

2. (6 marks) Summarize your own position on the topic. Label this part 2. Again, use as much of the terminology from the lectures as appropriate. You may refer to any sources that you consider relevant, using citations and references as appropriate.

Remember, the marker will not try to judge whether you are “right” or “wrong” – that would be ill advised for such a controversial and political field. They will be assessing your insight and your ability to argue your case, based on your mastery of the lecture materials. Marks will be awarded for:

  • Demonstrating mastery of the lecture material. Make it obvious – use the terminology directly from the lectures to make the marker’s job easier.
  • Clarity and brevity, with answers well organized and clearly labelled (to make the marker’s job easier).
  • Remember “Professionalism in Presentation
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