[SOLVED] Stigma Reduction Campaign

Stigma Reduction Campaign Instructions
Stigma toward individuals with mental illness continues to create barriers for these individuals in the community. This project is intended for you to develop a campaign in which efforts are made to reduce the stigma toward mental illness in the local community. Each group will select a mental health issue they believe creates barriers for individuals due to stigma in the community and create a stigma reduction campaign to administer in the community.
Specifically, this will need to include the following:
1.  Conduct a Situational Analysis of prevailing attitudes and thoughts toward the mental health condition you have chosen. For instance, if you have selected Depression among adolescent females, the situational analysis will involve identifying current attitudes toward female adolescents with depression. This will involve a 2-page description and summary of relevant research (peer-reviewed, scholarly research articles only) indicating what evidence we have that stigma is pervasive for the chosen population. Additional information can be gathered from literature reviews of stigma toward the chosen population, national surveys conducted for the chosen disorder, review of local campaigns that are already present, and/or surveys conducted by the student (this will require additional time). The situational analysis must include at least 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly articles and 2 additional (reputable) sources. (APA 7th format)
2.  Stigma Reduction Campaign Presentation
Presentation must include the following (write 2 pages):
Introduction to your project
Description of the campaign including the message of your campaign and a brief description of what this campaign will look like.
Description of the individuals leading the campaign, including their professional role/qualifications
Description of other stakeholders, including community partners, other agencies, people with the disorder, and what role these individuals may play.
Identify the goals of the campaign; what do you want to achieve by the end of the campaign?
Materials needed to conduct this campaign, including but not limited to: Physical technology/materials (pens, paper, etc.), virtual needs (radio or television time, podcast, social media presence?)
Marketing materials. Here you will include all the copies of the items you will use. For instance, if this is a flyer campaign, you will need to supply a copy of the flyer. If this is a television campaign, you need to provide scripts and identify local television companies, etc.
Evaluation procedure: How will you know this program is effective? How will you measure this process?

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