Stanford University Finance Space and The Potential Future Discussion

Please answer the last two questions in the document according to the background requirements and the selected organization. Please connect the answer with the first three questionsThe first three questions and answers are in the following documents. The answer is about four pages. The MLA standard quotes all research to support the project


Benchmark any 2020 past type of Event as available with your observations for an analysis of its past event vision, content, message development of a gala, education offerings areas expressed by past development delivery discovered. Now develop new ideas for improvements to the 2021 Event engagement design.

State your new approach to objectives/goals, social outreach plan & engagement ideas for a new hybrid delivery. Enhance their next Sept 2021 Event by employing a next era hybrid eventdesign.

Attendance plan is for both online and in person mix of 40% in hotel and 60% online. You are the Sr. Meeting and Event specialist driving this new next Hybrid Event to their targeted audiences offering the organizations improved design plan areas.

Organization : AXA Group

French conglomerate AXA Group (Please check the link) consists of a network of companies specializing inareas such as investment banking, securities and insurance. Operating in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the Paris-based corporation employs 93,146 people and describes itself as a “global leader in financial protection.” In 2014 AXA placed 33rd on Forbes’ “Global 2000” list, with more than $1 trillion in assets and a market value of $63.4 billion. Meanwhile, Fortune ranked AXA 16th on its 2014 “Global 500,” citing the firm’s turnover of $165.893 billion and describing it as “Europe’s second-largest insurer” while referencing its expansion into China and Latin America. The group’s CEO, Henri de Castries, worked for the French government in the mid 1980s. He is also chairman of the renowned Bilderberg Group, which hosts a yearly private conference that draws some of the most powerful politicians, chiefs of enterprise, bankers and thinkers in the Western world.

Questions :

4. Determine a best hybrid trend delivery strategies for engagement methods to assure a passionately successful ideas of interest for both remote audience in person as well . What experiences were selected, any new partnerships you will integrate to focus for the development of the theme and story for both audiences at the event in person and digitally? 2 pages.

5. Summarize your final key findings from your revised mission/envisioning. State an intro paragraph to set up your findings of what you found to be your strongest idea. Advise what were other top improvements that worked best in you new design. Use a bulleted recap of those idea of your improved plan for hybrid plan. State them as an Executive Summary. 1-2 page

The answers to questions 4 and 5 need to be related to the answers to questions 1-3 (attached)

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