Stakeholder Prioritization MatrixBased on the project brief, examples from the book and your

Stakeholder Prioritization Matrix

Based on the project brief, examples from the book and your

own interpretation, please identify as many stakeholders as possible. Rank their power, Interest, Influence, Impact, Urgency and legitimacy

on a scale of 1 to 3 (1 = low, 2 = medium, 3 = high) and add them in column ‘Total’

Project Brief:

You have inherited a century old farm house and acreage in a rural area. You have visited the site

and made an inspection. The house needs a great deal of repair work to get it marginally liveable.

You have itemized the most important things that need to be done and estimated the time required

as shown below.

You plan to use this house for vacations and as a rental property through Airbnb. In fact, your work

colleague as already expressed interest in staying over as soon as the property is finished. Your

parents have sponsored you with a personal loan of $10.000, – that will give you enough money to

buy the supplies and have a spending budget on help from a local contractor and two of his

apprentices. You yourself have committed to working 80 hours over your vacation to fix up the

house, but you are terrible at carpentry and painting. Your vacation of two weeks starts on Monday

the 1st of June, and you prefer to be present when the contractor is on site. Assume you, the

contractor and his apprentices

NOTE: all can work up to 8 hrs per day, 5 days per week.

You expect that within 2 years of renting the property you will have earned enough money to repay

your parents.


What is the stakeholder’s main interest?








Priority (a score of 6-9 = low, 10 to 14 = medium, 15 to 18 = high))

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