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Sprint N1 ’? ‘3?“ A 44% I 8235 PM if? Q, classroomacoloradotechae O c a I 7 c 7questions IS perceived as a conflict to forward progress, when this could really be a positiveconflict because the detail and overalldocumentation for the project will be better. In thisDiscussion Board, you will explore both positive andnegative conflicts, look at causes for stress, anddetermine what might be effective tools forconsensus decision making. The following Discussion Board research will assistyou in determining what each of these dimensionsmeans. Research at least 2 sources (which mayinclude your textbook) to support your response. 0 Describe 6 potential conflicts (at least 3negative) and their potential impact on aproject. 0 Describe 3 stresses and their potential impactthat could affect individuals on the project or the project as a whole.0 Research and determine a method forperforming consensus decision making. Include an introduction and conclusion to this topic.Be sure to include your references and citations,and format your submission in APA format. < > ?? DD Back Forward Home Bookmarks Tabs

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