SPC Java Programming Project

Assignment Requirements

Create a new Eclipse workspace (on desktop is good so it’s easy to find later).

Create a new Java Project in your workspace that includes your surname and the chapter # in the name of the project, such as smith1and2 or jones1and2.

  • Create a package with the same name as your project. Do not make files in the default package.
  • In this one package, write one Java program for each exercise as required below.
  • Control of decimal places is not required for this assignment.
  • Adhere to naming conventions for variables and classes as in Chapter 2, section 2.8.
  • Choose descriptive variable names and identifiers in all programs.
  • Use the Java style for braces.
  • Start each program with your name and SPC ID# in a comment.
  • Add a few more comments in each program to explain what your code is doing.
  • When all programs are done, locate your project folder in your workspace.
  • Right-click on the project folder folder (don’t open it!) and select “Send to” –> “Compressed (zipped) folder”. This will make a zip with the same name as your project.
  • Take screenshots of your running project (the Java code) and the project output and put them in a separate folder. Name it “screenshots” + module #+ your last name. The screenshots can be jep or png files. Zip up the folder.
  • Upload the zipped folders to this drop box.
  • Type your collaboration statement (Have you worked with others or used other resources on this assignments?) into the message area of the drop box.
  • Submit your assignment.
  • 1. Write a program that outputs three lines:
  • your full name

the full name of the programmer who created Java

Java rocks!

  • 2. Write a program that prints the result of this expression.
  • (12.5 + 5.5 / 3) / (6.25 * 6 – 5.0)
  • 3. Write a program that prompts the user to enter a weight in kilograms and then displays the equivalent weight in pounds. Control of decimal places is not required.

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