Southwestern College Pass word Maker Programming Project

Upon execution, the program shall look for and open the UNC-16
encoded ASCII file (i.e. a text file). By default, the file will exist
in the same directory as the program, and it requires the name
‘input.txt’. For extra credit, students may modify this to instead open
the file pointed to by the command line arguments (i.e. argv and argc).

The program shall then use the input file to establish the password
generator’s vocabulary. To do so, it shall extract every unique token
from the file over a minimum length. After establishing the unique
tokens, the password generator shall use those tokens to begin producing
twenty random passwords. The passwords the program produces must meet the following requirements:

  • Four (4) randomly selected tokens
  • Space between each token
  • Append the number ‘1’ to the last place of the password.

The tokens used to generate the password shall meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum token length: 3-6 characters (student’s choice based on performance).
  • No trailing punctuation with each token
  • If the first character in a token is a letter, it must be upper-case
  • All other characters must be lower case
  • Extra credit: No digits may appear anywhere in a token

After printing examples of twenty passwords the program produces, it
shall exit. The following are examples of valid passwords that meet
these requirements:

Blink Teeth Warlike Abandoned1
Argue Puny Instruct Meddle1
2009,10 Shaky Knowing Canvas1 (Not a valid extra credit password)
Adjustment Warm Zebra Trains1
Rotten Puffy Gruesome Optimal1


On or before the due date, students shall submit their version of
their main program (e.g., main.cpp) and the output their program
produced when they ran it locally (I should see twenty sets of random


You earn points on this assignment through the following ways:

Points Requirement
13 Tokens extracted correctly from input file.
10 Passwords meet the requirements.
5 Coding Style: For example, using helper functions with data structures as return values
2 Example Output provided.

Other Notes

In this assignment, students ABSOLUTELY SHOULD use the data structures provided in the C++ standard library.

During development, it will help to make a few example files to
verify your token extraction works correctly. Instead of using something
huge like the input files the instructor provided, simply create a
basic text file in notepad (or vi) containing only a handful of words.
Then, after you extract tokens, you can verify the set of tokens is
correct. Proof out token extraction before starting password

This will help reading files: (Links to an external site.)

Here’s something extra: (Links to an external site.)

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