Southern New Hampshire University Lesson A Better Me Plan Discussion


You have been working on your “A Better Me Plan”. Take this opportunity to update the class on how you are doing toward your goal. (my goal is to work on eating healthier and lose weight)

*****IMPORTANT POINTS TO COVER (must be included in your discussion post for full credit): Identify and then describe what type of schedule of reinforcement you are using in your plan? Have you used any of the principles of Differential Reinforcement? (Maybe this would be a good time to add some to your plan.)

At this point in your plan, are you motivated to work on your goal (s)? Respond to the quote below and how it applies to behavior modification: How can you use the principles you have learned so far when working with clients in the human services field?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – unknown

Respond to 2 of your class colleagues listed below.

Student one:For my Better Me Plan it was brought to my attention that my focus needed to be adjusted. Not why I keep choosing these men that are bad for me, but to start looking at fixing myself and why look at why I don’t feel I deserve better. This will be a difficult process to go through because I will have to look at my past and try to dig deep to see why I don’t like myself, and what I can do to start appreciating myself more. I’ve been through this process before in a group call Celebrate Recovery, this will be round 2.

I believe in the quote, and I just need to find that one thing to motivate me, and then make a habit of it.

Student two:

My better me plan was to focus on becoming more healthier. I am doing better then what I was doing a couple months ago, I have started exercising and eating more healthier. I don’t let things stress me and I have been more relaxed now then ever before. I am using the Fixed-Interval Schedule in my plan, because after I have been doing better for myself I will get more and more healthier and my body will feel much better then what it did. I have not used any of the principles in Differential Reinforcement but I plan to use Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior. I am very much motivated to continue working on my goal and I plan to keep working on it so I can not only be healthy for myself but for my son as well because with him being 1 I have a lot of running after him I will be doing. The quote “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” is a great quote and very much true. When you have something to motivate you or someone motivating you, you will accomplish so much more because you are working towards something. When something becomes a habit for you, you will continue to do it over and over again. This is a great quote.

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