[SOLVED] The lesson

Topic: “The lesson”, why does Miss Moore take the children out of their neighborhood to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan? In other words, why is the change in setting important?
Choose a literary term, such as point-of-view, to focus on in your paper and then develop a thesis or claims that indicates the point you want to make about be understood or read by analyzing and explaining the deeper meaning behind what is presented on the surface of the story. Include quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from the story to help develop your point. Properly document the story with in- text citations and a work cited page.
The components of a literary analysis essay
Grab the reader’s attention
Aim for 3-4 sentences that gain your reader’s interests and makes him or her want to read your essay. The sentences should lead into your summary of the story and the point you will make about it. They should be related to the topic of your essay.
Introduce your topic
Introduce the story. Make sure you indicate it’s title with quotation marks and it’s author.
Aim for 2-3 sentences and only include key events that are relevant to the topic you will be discussing in your paper.
Thesis statement (claim)
Answer the prompt directly in the final sentence of your introductory paragraph. Indicate the conclusion you have reached about the literary term(s) you have chosen to focus on in relation to the story. This your belief about the story that you will try to prove in the body of your essay. Do not phrase it as an announcement, for example, I am going to or this will…
Body paragraphs
Your premise (topic sentence) is the first sentence of your body paragraph and is the reason for your thesis sentence (claim). In other words, it should relate directly back to the thesis and indicate the point of the entire paragraph. You should have a different premise for each new body paragraph.
Introduce evidence
Set the scene for your evidence by providing a brief introduction to the quote. It can be as simple as a speaker or as complex sentence or integration of the quote into your own sentence. It can also be the beginning of your justification for your analysis.
Include direct quotes, paraphrases, or summaries from the story that support your premise and the claim you are arguing in your paper.
Conclusion paragraph
Restate thesis (claim)
Refer back to the original thesis statement (claim), but provide it again using different words. Make sure to avoid sounding redundant.
Tie ideas together
Tie the premises that you have made together, showing your reader how each of them are connected to the other and work together to support your thesis statement (claim)
Mic drop sentence
The “mic drop” sentence is your final attempt to prove your point.
Key terms:
Claim — a belief that one sets out to prove
It can be argued and is also known as a thesis statement.
Premise — the reason for believing a claim
It is also know as a subclaim and topic sentence.
Evidence— a fact that supports the premise
It can be a quote, paraphrase, and or summary directly from the text.
Justification— detailed explanation that connects the evidence to the premise and the claim
Influences- a logical guess about characters, the setting, and events by recognizing and using details from the story.
The lesson The lesson

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