[SOLVED] Textual Analysis Essay

Textual Analysis Essay
Due Dates for work to
submit for the TAE Work to submit by deadline
The Prompt
Published two years ago, Brittany Wong’s “What Is Toxic Positivity? Why It’s OK to Not Be OK Right Now” argues that pushing positivity or viewing positivity as the only answer to dealing with difficulties, particularly during the COVID pandemic, is often harmful*. Identify one specific aspect of her article that you find to be either effective in supporting her argument or ineffective in supporting her argument and explain why.
* This is my summary of her argument, so if you use my words in your paper without any documentation, you would be plagiarizing me! Try to use your own words, but if you use my words or anyone else’s, quote those words and cite the source.
Tips for the Essay
▪ You could also view this prompt as why you find something specific in her article to be convincing or unconvincing.
▪ You can acknowledge whether or not you agree with her overall argument, but the focus of your essay should be
on one specific thing (e.g.: an example she provides, a particular person she interviewed and/or quotes, her tone,
what she seems to assume about her readers, etc.) that works or doesn’t work for you (not both!) and why.
▪ Remember to consider her entire article in making your argument – that is, don’t focus on anything (like one quote) out of context. This does not mean you need to write about her entire article, but that, for example, if she presents a point specifically to challenge it, you should not depict that point as her reasoning but as the opposing viewpoint to her argument. Strive to always present your sources accurately.
▪ Provide textual evidence to support your claims and consider context in your analysis and how you present it (e.g.:
identify whose voice you are presenting, what or who the author is responding to, etc.).
▪ You are welcome to use or seek out additional sources to support your claims, but if you make use of any of the
ideas or words of any sources, carefully and accurately document them by always quoting all exact wording and
clearly identifying the source(s) of ideas and/or words you present.
Requirements and Guidelines for the Essay
▪ For the second draft due on March 1st, include at least:
o A working introductory paragraph with your working thesis
o At least one supporting paragraph that introduces a direct quote from the Wong article that you provide
as textual evidence (documented following MLA Style)
o A working Work Cited list (if you use any sources in addition to the Wong article, it would be a Works
▪ The complete essay due on March 8th should:
o Be at least 800 words (approximately two pages). Because of the short length of the essay, it should be concise
and analytical – remember that this is a textual analysis and you are not just re-presenting or summarizing
Wong’s article.
o Be typed, following the 9
th edition of MLA Style (additional resources in the RESEARCH RESOURCES folder).
o Have a title that adequately represent the contents of your essay (not “Textual Analysis Essay” or the title of
the Wong article).
o Have all sources for any information or words that you present in your essay clearly indicated and all exact
wording quoted.
o Have a Work(s) Cited list that includes the Wong article and any other source(s) you use or refer to in
conducting your analysis. When you use any source not assigned for class (“expert” opinion, student essay
online, etc.) you must clearly document it and include links to online sources on your Works Cited or scans of
print sources.
▪ Date all drafts and notes and remember to change the date for each draft. When you revise an existing electronic
document, save it as a separate document (e.g.: “TAE – Draft 2”)
▪ Reread your essay carefully and critically before submitting the final draft. Use the rubric from the department (in
the ENG 101 INFO & SYLLABUS folder) when you reread and as you revise to know how your papers are assessed. You
will have an opportunity to revise and/or edit one more time on March 8th after self-assessing your completed
▪ This essay could be revised and resubmitted, but if it receives an “R” grade (which means it is not passing), it is
required to be revised. Revisions must be submitted, at the latest, a week after having received feedback, unless
another paper is due that day, in which case the revision should be submitted for the next class date after. Textual Analysis Essay

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