[SOLVED] Primary Source Analysis

Primary Source Analysis
Now that you have a rough idea of how you would like to structure your essay, you should be ready to begin your essay writing.
It is advised that you complete, submit, and await teacher feedback on Assignment: Essay Proposal before you begin writing your essay. Your teacher may provide valuable feedback to help strengthen your essay writing.
The overall goal of the essay is to critically analyze the utility and validity of the ideas presented in the primary source document you have chosen. Consider the applicability and utility of the theories and ideas to real-life situations. Do you feel that the ideas presented in the document make sense? Are they useful for understanding present society? What do they address well? What do they fail to address? What perspectives are left absent? Whom do the theories and ideas apply to?
Decide on whether or not you feel the primary source document you had chosen contains ideas and theories that are useful to the study of philosophy. Perhaps you find that the ideas presented in the document are widely applicable, and valid, or maybe you find that the document you have chosen is outdated, and not especially useful in understanding and analyzing present society. Perhaps parts of the theories and ideas make sense, but others do not. Critically analyze the primary source document, and discuss any strengths or weakness of the ideas presented in the document throughout your essay.
The reader should be left with an impression of how useful the document is to the study of philosophy, what (if anything) is valuable, and what (if anything) is invaluable.
Essay Structure and Requirements
Your essay should be no more than 6 pages, double spaced, structured accordingly:
Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph that provides some brief background information on the primary source document you have chosen to analyze. This might include a brief summary of the overall ideas, and/or some historical or philosophical context regarding the author of the paper.  Articulate your thesis statement within your introductory paragraph, and briefly introduce your main arguments.
Include at least 3 body paragraphs that explain your main arguments in greater detail. Be sure to highlight the key strengths and/or weaknesses of the theory you have chosen.
Adequately support each of your main arguments with information drawn from the primary source document, as well as any applicable philosophical theories you have encountered throughout the course content, or any other applicable examples. You are welcome to draw on your on philosophical analysis and opinions as well.
Ensure that your arguments help support your thesis.
Finish your essay with a concluding paragraph where you sum up the utility of the ideas presented in the primary source document. It is likely that the primary source document you have chosen to highlight is imperfect, or offers an incomplete philosophical analysis. Feel free to leave the reader with additional information about other theories or perspectives that are also of value to the study of political philosophy.
Format your essay according to the conventions outlined in the American Psychological Association (APA) Style Guide, and be sure to include in-text citations for any the sources you make use of throughout your essay.
Include a properly formatted reference list at the end of your essay.
Use the conventions outlined in the American Psychological Association (APA) Style Guide to format your assignments. Properly citing your sources shows that you respect the ideas of others and helps protect you from plagiarizing. The formatting style should be used to create in-text citations, and reference lists.
Assignment: Primary Source Analysis Rubric

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