[SOLVED] Description of the interview environment

1) Description of the interview environment and the day and time it took place (where the interview took place, i.e. child’s home, yard, school, park, etc., overall demeanor of the child, attitude of the parent/caregiver, etc.). A clear and descriptive written narrative of the setting and time, etc. is important because it helps the reader understand certain circumstances/conditions that might have impacted the interview.
2) Demographic information. This information can be written in a narrative or bullet format.  If in bullet points, these would be the only four bullet points in your entire paper. Please make sure all information listed is included.
Child’s Name (first name only)
DOB (list age in months)
Length of gestation/pregnancy (list length of time in weeks)
Any complications during pregnancy/birth
3) Physical development. This narrative describes the physical milestones of the child.  This should include no bullet points, a narrative is in paragraph form.
Weight/length at birth
Child’s current weight/length
Overall health of the child
When did the child first (share age in months):
Lift head
Roll over
Grasp object (rattle, small toy)
Sit up
Eat solid foods
Pull up to a standing position
Take first steps
4) Social-emotional development.
What is the general mood of your child when you wake them up, throughout the day, before nap or bed?
Does your child have regular sleeping, eating, and eliminate habits?
Does your child regularly try new foods?
Does your child smile at people that are strangers to him/her when being held by you?
Does your child easily adapt to changes in routine?
Does your child become easily frustrated?
5) Cognitive development. For this section you will need a set of keys or small toy (keep in mind they need to be safe and easy to handle for the child), and a hand towel.  You will be determining if the child has a sense that objects remain permanent even though they are no longer visible. Use the sensorimotor chart provided to analyze your data.
6) Conclusion. You will be writing your conclusions of what you learned from your interview with the parent/caregiver and your observation of the child in all the areas mentioned.
**Any research and reading must be referenced utilizing MLA style.**
**WATCH https://youtu.be/VFrOJ2bDA7k**
Description of the interview environment Description of the interview environment

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