[SOLVED] Data analytics in health care

(1)What is the purpose of data analytics in health care? What is the role of structured query language (SQL) in analytics?
(2)There are several nationally funded initiatives and collaborations that are promoting the utilization of big data and data analytics. Take a closer look and how data is collected and reported to the consumers from across the states in the class.
View the following website https://www.cms.gov/Research-Statistics-Data-and-Systems/Statistics-Trends-and-Reports/Chronic-Conditions/CCDashboard.html and answer the following questions by manipulating the dashboard.
1) What is the highest chronic condition listed who are 65+ for your state (ohio)
2) What is the highest chronic condition listed who are 65+ for the nation.
3) Select another state and discuss the differences between all three for the highest chronic condition.
Did you note any differences? Explain.
I look forward to reading your discussions.
(3)Describe how predictive analytics is used operationally in clinical and business processes in health care. In your response to peers, describe one or more roles of predictive analytics in the health care environment.
Data analytics in health care

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