SOCW 4001 Walden Protecting Rights California State Hate Crime Laws Discussion

Discussion 1(a)Preventing the need for social services as well as improving social services is a major goal of social workers. Social workers are on the front lines in a variety of social service entities, and many social workers choose the field of child welfare. Childhood trauma can affect an individual’s health across their lifespan.

For this Discussion, you will consider a discovery about the effect of childhood trauma and dialogue with your colleagues about how this knowledge of childhood trauma might affect the provision of social services.

To prepare: Watch the Nadine Burke Harris: How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime.


  • Explain how the repeated stress described in the video affects how you view policies related to one of the following social services:
    • Financial services
    • Hunger services
    • Employment services
  • Describe one social service that might improve early intervention to counter or mitigate repeated stress at an early age.
  • Explain why the social service you recommend might make a difference.
  • Recommend one policy change to support your colleague’s suggested social service.
  • Discussion (1b) Protecting Rights- As more diverse groups gain influence and prominence in U.S. society, you may have noticed other groups reacting in different ways to these demographic changes. You may have seen negative effects of this tension play out in your community or other communities. When tensions boil over into crime, states vary on their implementation of laws related to hate crimes and which groups should be included in such laws. To further your understanding of hate crimes and protecting the rights of the diverse groups you may encounter in social work practice, you watch a video describing one hate crime story. In this Discussion, you dialogue with your colleagues about hate crime laws in your state as well as your reaction to the video clip.To prepare: Watch the Mia Tu Mutch: Her Story video found in the Learning Resources.

    • Describe your state’s laws on hate crimes and which groups are included in the law.
    • Explain whether there are certain groups you feel should be afforded special protection. Explain why or why not.
    • If your state does not have a hate crime law, explain how you as a social worker could advocate for such a law.
    • If your state does have a hate crime law, explain how you as a social worker could help advocate for similar laws elsewhere.
    • Compare the laws in your state or community with your colleague’s laws.
    • Offer a suggestion for how your colleague could add or strengthen laws in their state or community.
    • Identify strategies for advocacy or implementation of laws from your colleague’s post that you could apply.

    The link to discussion 1a is below. Thank you very much.…

The link for discussion 1b is below. Thank you very much…… 

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