social change

 lean more toward pandemic unemployment or poverty 

Teacher comment Both of the topics you selected are very broad. The topics definitely relate to the class, however how are you going to study these in such a short period? Poverty is very broad and there are multiple layers to look at. What is going to be your focus? What variables are you looking at? Perhaps if you had a clearly developed question that you are looking at a relationship between two variable could make a better sense. Unemployment is broad topic too. I’m not sure what you mean by “unemployment attracts the sociological perspectives of poverty”. Are you trying to look at relationship between the two??

The better topic that you can narrow down here and maybe look at it locally, is “unemployment”. Maybe you should look at the impact of the pandemic to unemployment. Let me know if you need to connect and discuss this.

Part 2: Students must utilize the textbook and 4-6 additional outside academic, peer-reviewed journal articles to address the following points about their social problem of choice:

• What is the problem?

• Is it social? Does it affect a large number of people? In what ways?

• What are the causes and contributing factors?

• What are the consequences if this problem were to continue? Groups of people can be hurt (e.g., cutting welfare programs disproportionately affects the poor), but also institutions (the role of money in US elections may distort public access to information about candidates, issues, affecting democratic institutions)

• Who benefits from this problem?

• Who has the ability, the power, and the money to influence public debates about a particular social problem? In other words, how are problems framed for public consumption?

• Who should do something about the social problem, and what? (e.g., government, individuals, businesses, institutions (education, health care, defense, telecommunications). Role of science/research? This part is very critical! Students should be a voice for change.
Students must present their research and solutions for change via software recommended in learning activities > week zero such as: voice thread, Prezi or screen cast-o-matic. Speaking narrative and images are required. The presentation should be approximately 15-20 minutes. Include somewhere in the presentation the references used. Students must submit a working link to their presentation. 

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