Smart Data Centers Research Paper

Do research the following topics: 

– Smart Data Centers

Write a 4-6 page Word document, double-spaced, detailing each Smart System, their subsystems, and at least 10 requirements (total) and associated specifications for each of the Smart Systems. (PMI, 2021) indicates “the term requirement generally refers to a customer need while specification refers to a detailed, usually technical description of how that need will be met.” A Requirement states what a product will do or a quality it will possess. A Specification is a collection of requirements that are used in the design of that product.

Research must include scholarly references but can also include YouTube videos on the Smart Systems you have chosen. Note when thinking about sub-systems: consider a home Smart System. Within that System, you might have a sub-system for HVAC, another sub-system for electricity, another sub-system for communications, and another sub-system for security, etc. You must not only detail the major system but also the sub-systems found in the research. Also, view YouTube videos on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to extend your research on how Smart systems may evolve over time. Your paper should include multiple topic sections/paragraphs with a specific focus. Make sure your paper flows logically. In your paper, provide the following:

1. An Introduction paragraph describing the assignment and a short description of the systems. 

2. A section that describes the Smart System (with an appropriate section Heading) and the basic specifications that drive the development of the Smart System (an example of specifications and requirements can be found at the end of this document). 

a. What is its purpose? 

b. What operations it performs? 

c. What are its inputs (resources, interfaces, when used)? 

d. What are its outputs (interfaces, data)? 

e. How does the technology integrate within the system? 

f. How important is the technology to the system? 

g. The system’s complexity/cost/feasibility.

h. Any constraints or risks found during the research. 

i. How the various technologies integrate to accomplish the system goals. 

Conclude the section with any potential specifications and functionality that might be added in the future based on enhanced technology (this may come from your research or from other technologies like Augmented or Virtual Reality).

3. A section for each Sub-System (with an appropriate section Heading) that includes: 

a. A description of that Sub-System. 

b. Detailed requirements that drive the development of the Sub-System. 

c. Conclude the section with any potential requirements that might be added in the future based on enhanced technology.

NOTE: Please follow as mentioned above points and include with pictures.

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