Simon Fraser University An Object That Reminds Me of My Lifes Purpose Discussion

Initial Tasks

  1. Find an object that reminds you of your life’s purpose. The object might be a photograph of you as a doctor, or you owning a farm one day, or of you with a family. The object might be a letter of encouragement someone sent you, or a bell, reminding you that you’d like to do something noble, like people who win the Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps it’s a favourite novel, reminding you that you want to be a writer, or a piece of chalk that reminds you that you want to be a teacher, or a quote that inspires you. You get the idea.
  2. Place that object near where you do your studying to remind you of why you are working so hard.
  3. Read the chapterWhy You Should Read this BookLinks to an external site.” in your Reading List.In this chapter Smith quotes Ben Franklin “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” If this is true, then “…controlling your life means controlling your time, and controlling your time means controlling the events in your life (p. 20)”.“I’ve lost control of my life” means “I am no longer in control of the events that make up my life.” I am reacting to events. I do what everybody else thinks I ought to do, when they think I ought to do it. Being out of control is a terrible feeling.What is important is not that there are uncontrollable events in our lives, but how we respond to them. Often the most realistic response is to adapt.
  4. Examine your feelings around the issues of adaptation and reaction.
  5. Describe how you feel inside when you face events you can’t control. Share your ideas with your group mates in the Time Management thread in the Discussions area.
  6. On your own, make a list of some of the different events in your life.
  7. Then assign each event a number from 1 to 5 to indicate the degree of control you have over them, with 5 representing total control and 1 representing no control.

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