Short Report, 400 Words, Memo Format, No plagiarism


·         At least 400 words


·         Business memorandum (memo),

·         Memo heading,            

·         Standard font

·         Single-spaced, with a double-space between paragraphs 

·         MLA style for source citations

Primary Audience:

Your direct supervisor


Provided to you via PDF. Use only these sources, and do not consult your textbook or any other source–either online or print-based–in writing this exam. If you do not comply with this guideline, you will earn zero points for this portion of the exam.


Write up a short report of at least 400 words detailing your findings and recommendations.

TOPIC: Workplace Bullying

You are the assistant manager of the Human Resources department at a small business. Recently, two employees have approached the HR manager (your supervisor) with claims of feeling bullied by a particular employee, who happens to be the manager of both employees. At this point, what you know is that both employees claim the alleged bully has harassed them verbally, has falsely accused them of mistakes, and has shown hostility in more passive ways (e.g., showing nonverbal intimidation). This alleged bully manages a team of eight employees, but these two are the only ones who have come forward so far. The company you work for is small (fewer than 100 employees), and it does not currently have a formal policy or code of conduct in place to deal with workplace bullying.

As the assistant HR manager, you have been given the task of writing a short report that will ultimately contribute to a new policy that will specify how the company defines bullyinghow claims of bullying will be handled, and the consequences of bullying. In addition to this information, your report should also consider the following questions:

How are researchers and business professionals approaching this issue?

What kind of policy would you recommend your company adopt in order to deal with this issue?

Your supervisor has given you two resources to review in drafting your report. To earn full credit, you should incorporate both of these resources into your report to support your arguments and recommendations.

Because this topic is of such vital importance to your company, you should use theindirect arrangement in writing this short report; that is, you should begin with some introductory material to prepare your reader for your recommendations. Presenting the supporting data before your ultimate recommendations will prepare the reader to accept your solution to this problem.

Write up a short report of at least 400 words detailing your findings and recommendations.

The primary audience for this report is your direct supervisor, and you should adopt an appropriate tone for this audience. Your recommendations need to be clear so that a solid policy can be adopted based on your findings.

You will format this report as a business memorandum (memo).



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