[SOLVED] Self-inflicted pressure

self-inflicted pressure Please read the following scenarios and questions. Prepare a report, no more than 2 pages, not including a title and reference page with your responses to the questions for both scenarios. Use APA Style, and use one outside resource in addition to the information in your textbook. Your textbook is cited just like any other resource.
Your report must address the following questions and points about each scenario outlined in the tabs below.
Scenario 1:  Veronica felt a lot of pressure from upper management to make her recruitment numbers for the month. This triggered knee-jerk reactions to over-involve herself in delegating work to her employees. Her conversations were short bursts and impersonal, which caused her to not deepen relationships and establish trust with her team. The result was that her team felt increasingly micromanaged and less engaged in their contributions.
⦁ Explain the cause and effect of the urgency trap in this scenario.
⦁ What changes can Veronica make to stop leading with an acute sense of urgency?
⦁ What are your takeaways from this scenario? Does this sound familiar? If so, what can you do differently to alleviate self-inflicted pressure?
Scenario 2: Kale was handed the following layoff schedule by upper management that he had to fulfill by certain deadlines. He adores his team and most of them have families to support at home. He currently has 100 employees; therefore, this is a 50% reduction in his total labor force and team. Kale must manage how he is going to ask the remaining employees to carry additional work due to the layoffs, and how to help these remaining employees cope with additional stress.
⦁ Is this scenario an urgency trap or is this a truly stressful scenario?
⦁ How can Kale manage his stress and think through his communications using critical thinking?
⦁ How can Kale use his emotional intelligence to show compassion to his employees in this challenging situation?

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