Self-Employed Business IncomeBrennan, S. J. (2018). Tax cuts and jobs act’s effect on personal income tax. Pennsylvania CPA Journal, April, 4–8.  Cruz, A., Deschamps, M., Niswander, F., Prenderga

Self-Employed Business Income

Brennan, S. J. (2018). Tax cuts and jobs act’s effect on personal income tax. Pennsylvania CPA Journal, April, 4–8.

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Chapter 6: Self-Employed Business Income

Form 1040: Schedule C Self-Employed Business Income.

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SHOW LESSInternal Revenue is the homepage for the federal IRS Web site. The Interactive Tax Assistant and Tax Trails are tools that walk you through a series of questions to find answers to tax questions. Download the appropriate forms and publications from the IRS Web site to complete this assessment. (n.d.). Retrieved from

IRS. (n.d.). Interactive tax assistant. Retrieved from

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The IRS has a channel on YouTube devoted to income tax information in a video format. There are numerous videos available to help you with the course assessments. Videos are available with closed captions and in ASL and multilingual versions. You can search this channel by topic.


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Asssessment InstructionsNote: The assessments in this course are presented in a sequence and must be completed in order. In Assessments 2–5, you will work step-by-step toward completing a 1040 tax return and all the necessary related forms, based on a provided scenario. Do not complete Assessment 2 until you have submitted and received faculty feedback for Assessment 1.PreparationCalculating correct entries for self-employment requires significant research. For those are who self-employed, entries from self-employment tax forms are necessary to complete the 1040 form.For this assessment, use information and publications from and the other IRS resources linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading to research the regulations and complete the appropriate self-employment schedules, based on the provided scenario.ScenarioJacob Weaver is a contractor operating as a sole proprietorship (EIN 12-3456789). 2018 Gross income: $278,322.25.

Business expenses:

Fuel for equipment $64,080.00

Repairs and maintenance $17,342.00

Lubricants for Equipment $9,670.00

Insurance $6,500.00

Wages $6,300.00

Vehicles $1,768.00

Legal and Professional Expenses $1,750.00

Taxes and Licenses $1,412.00

Advertising $300.00

Clients owe him a total of $53,000, for work completed in 2018.

2018 estimated tax payments were $25,000.

He is using a bedroom in his house as a home office. (Square footage of home 5,600 Office 240 sq. ft.)

He has one half-time employee, Martin, who had been unemployed since returning from Afghanistan and is disabled.

Martin worked for Jacob for 20 hours a week, for 41 weeks of 2018. He earned $1…

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