SDSU Great Cultivators of Corn and The Rubber Ball Game Discussion

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  1. In my opinion, it is important to think the history of them because the today’s culture in United States such as agriculture and cities came from these regions. More specifically, we can identify the origin of agriculture and how it affected to the United States. It is the foundation of our life, so we need to understand and respect them.
  2. The textbook chapter, “Follow the Corn” describes the origin of hunters, gathers, and agriculture. This chapter tell us how they established the foundation of modern people’s life. What is stand out for me is that how developed the Mayans were at mathematics and astronomy. They use them to predict future event correctly and they found the concept of zero. This is surprising for even modern astronomers because they are very complex and significant foundation all over the world today. Overall, this chapter is good to learn the history of culture.
  3. This chapter “Follow the Corn” relates to the term “colonization,” which means controlling by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components. According to textbook, Olmec civilization reigned in the Valley of Mexico and built the grand metropolis of Teotihuacan. For other example, Tepanec people subjugated Culhuacan, Texcoco, and all their subject people in the Valley of Mexico. We can identify that people had kept to dominate and unify other regions until the world was organized.
  4. The TED talk by Winona LaDuke tells us the importance of the food for people who have passed down the same recipes over time. It is a culture because it connects to their history and where they came from. Keeping their food makes keep the connection to our history. As a result, we can understand our history, story, and origin.
  5. I do not understand about Christopher Columbus well, but I have recognized that he accidentally found the American continent during his journey. I had understood them a little, but the required articles were good source for me to understand him more. Contrary to my expecting, he commanded the slaughter. My impression of him has changed from an innovator to a cruel people.
  6. Both of the articles, “Columbus Day Comic” and “Flawed Critique of Columbus Day” claims that Christopher Columbus committed horrible atrocities and should not be celebrated. However, the article “Flawed Critique of Columbus Day” is based on the facts while “Columbus Day Comic” has less objectivity.
  7. According to the textbook, the term “Doctrine of the Discovery” is a claim that possession of the entire world west of that line would be open to Spanish conquest and all cast of it to Portuguese conquest. This means that all land is not dominated by anyone and people who discovered it claims it is their own. In fact, Indigenous people were forced off their land by European.
  8. The textbook chapter “Culture of Conquest” refers that European settlers tried to take the land of people who were initially there. What stood out to me was the chapter “Terminal Narratives.” It describes the destruction of the California Indians. Proponents of the default position emphasize attrition by disease despite other causes equally deadly if not more so to cover up the mass killing. Moreover, the disease happened indirectly from the European causes. It is very terrible and I can’t believe this fact.

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