SDSU Convert Native Americans to Devoted Spanish Citizens & Christian Discussion

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1) What were the goals of California missions? How did Indigenous  peoples resist during the time period of the missions? Be sure to  provide specific examples.

2) How does the term “Manifest Destiny” relate to the chapter “Sea to  Shining Sea” from our textbook? Be sure to provide specific examples  from the textbook.

3) What was Deborah Miranda’s argument in “Lying to Children about  the California Missions and the Indians” article? What stood out to you,  and why? 

4) How does your K-12 education relate to the experiences mentioned  in Lim’s article on “Educating Elementary School Children About  California Missions and Genocide”? Why might the ways missions are  taught be problematic? How might this problem be resolved, specifically  what does Lim advocate for in the article? 

5) What stood out to you in the article “What the ‘California Dream’  Means to Indigenous Peoples”? What does the “California Dream” mean to  Indigenous peoples, and what solution does the author suggest?

6) Provide a quick analysis of Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” based  on the history covered in this week’s materials. This analysis is open  to your own interpretation and creativity! Please include lyrics and  examples from our materials to build meaningful connections.

7) Lastly, since this is our very last discussion blog, please take a  moment to reflect on what we’ve learned so far. What do you predict  we’ll be learning in Module 6 and how will these materials  connect to the materials we’ve already covered? What did you find to be  the most important take-aways from the course so far? What was most  interesting or personally meaningful to you, and why?

Replay: Goals of California missions

California missions had a goal of converting Native Americans into Spanish citizens and devoted Christians through the use of both religious and Spanish instructions. Also, the mission had the objective of pacifying the selected areas for the purpose of colonial interest. The indigenous people resisted through making different attempts of preventing the runaways through armed parties, for example punishing the captured runaways.

  1. “Manifest Destiny” and “Sea to Shining Sea”

“Manifest destiny” was a phrase formulated to depict that through the God United States is destined, implying that it is supposed to expand its ideas to the northern American continent. Example capitalism, democracy, and its dominions. However, the phrase “Sea to Shining Sea” means the expansion to the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean which is a two-way aspect. Example America explores grew spread other parts. Therefore, both phrase’s relation is that both portrays the aspect of America’s expansion to other global parts.

  1. Deborah Miranda’s argument

Deborah Miranda’s argument in “Lying to Children about the California Missions and the Indians” is that children have lied about the Indians and the California mission which is a damaging approach towards Indians through demonstration of false ideas. Something that stood out is that the article reveals the truths that are hidden by depicted myths because through the article Indians can plan on their emancipation.

  1. K-12 education

The k-12 education has a sufficient relationship with Lim’s article since the examples depicted in the article are similar to what was taught in school. The methods of teaching the mission are problematic because there is much evidence that justifies the false information. However, the problem can be solved by ensuring there is a true depiction of the indigenous and current Indians’ information.

  1. ‘California Dream’ Means to Indigenous Peoples”

Something that stood out in the article “What the ‘California Dream’ Means to Indigenous Peoples” is that the dream focuses on the aspect that the settler dream was affected by Spaniards through their push to migrate to American intending to find gold. The dream means that land return does not call for the vacation of the land by non-natives, instead, the solution provided is that it requires a reorientation of the natural and land relations at the same time prioritizing beliefs and forms.

  1. Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier

Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” song provides an insight into the American manipulative ability for the benefits of achieving “manifest destiny”. However, the phrase “stolen from Africa brought to America” relates to the application of California’s mission to manipulate the Indians for colonial interest.

  1. Reflections

Having learned the history of America and the native- Americans has influenced my understanding of the existing information learned both in school and outside school. However, in Module six I predict we will learn about Mission San Francisco which further displays the Spanish influence. One of the biggest take-ups away is that historical information can be misleading hence it requires in-depth evaluation for understanding. Therefore, the most interesting aspect is the false dissemination of the California mission because it is against truth and the current missions.

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