San Diego State University Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Discussion


According to Maggie Koerth-Baker in “Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy
Theories”, “63% of registered American voters believe in at least one political conspiracy theory.” Explain one political conspiracy theory that you may have heard of or fallen for. Examples might include conspiracies surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the accusation that President Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim or not a U.S citizen (otherwise known as the “birther” conspiracy theory), the “deep state”, the Q conspiracy, or something else. (If you haven’t heard of any of these, do a little research to understand one – keeping in mind, firmly, that conspiracy theories are by their nature rhetorically unsound.)

Do not analyze the conspiracy theory you have chosen – simply explain in 1-2 paragraphs what it is and who believes it to the best of your ability.


ok cool. I’m kind of a weirdo and I really like conspiracy theories, so this is kind of exciting. One that I’ve heard all too often and lowkey believe in is the whole Jeffrey Epstein and his island/the guests. I think this counts as political because it was a tactic used to kind of tear down President Trump, and other high ranking officials in the U.S. government are also accused of the same things. If you sure unaware, basically Jeffrey Epstein had an island where he trafficked young people, and was busted, thrown in jail, and “committed suicide”. After he was said to be scheduled to rat out everyone who ever used his services and expose all of the evil elites. There were flight logs released for his island and many well known celebrities and politicians were on the list; for example, the Clintons, Trump, Ellen, Obama, Tom Hanks etc. It was a large ploy in people trying to convey that President Trump and others were all in on it. This also opens up doors to conspiracies such as pizzagate. Pizzagate is the theory that the elite in America target young and upcoming stars and trafficked children, and do various things like steal their blood, have killing parties, and submit them to various forms of abuse. Now while some people refuse to believe such things, I personally don’t doubt them. Elitists run the world, and if you disagree, please look into it, you can find evidence literally everywhere. There is a famous episode of SouthPark where they feature this whole situation in a “vaccination special”. It’s a joke, but at the same time, history repeats itself in hinting large issues in shows like this and Family Guy and the Simpsons. Even some other Hollywood stars have been noted to want to speak up about their knowledge but are afraid. Although nothing is proven, it’s a political issue in my book since many of the alleged people are politicians and many use said theory as a reason to hate some politicians. thats another students response. Can you do the second part for this conspiracy¬†

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