San Diego State University Process Recording Outline Essay

Process Recording Outline
The following paragraphs provide an explanation of each item that appears in section II of the process recoding outline.
INTERVIEW CONTENT:   Record in this section, using a dialogue format, significant ongoing exchanges that you thought were important in your
interaction with the client(s).
DESCRIBE CLIENTS FEELINGS/AFFECT:  Record how you perceived the client(s) was feeling moment-to-moment as the activity or verbal
interchange was taking place.  
DESCRIBE YOUR GUT LEVEL FEELINGS:  Record how you were feeling as the activity or verbal interchange was taking place.  Do not use
this column to analyze the client’s reactions –use it to identify and look at your feelings.  Be as open and honest as you can and don’t worry about
having to use any special professional language-tell it as you feel it.
WHAT INTERVIEWING SKILLS DID YOU USE DURING THIS INTERACTION:   Label the interviewing skills you used in your
interaction with the client(s) (e.g. exploration, summarization, clarification, etc…).  See the Wisconsin Guide Section III in your field manual as a reference.

so its an essay 2-3 pages its about my internship that you been writing about more than just one assignments its like an overall essaydonWrite a self-evaluation on your field experience for this semester in the following core competency areas using the Comprehensive Skills Evaluation as your guide line:Competency #1 – Professional and Ethical PracticeCompetency #2 – Diversity and Difference in PracticeCompetency #3 – Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic and Environmental JusticeCompetency #6 – Engage individuals, families, groups, organizations and communitiesCompetency #7 – Assess individuals, families, groups organizations and communitiesCompetency #8 – Intervene with individuals, families, groups organizations and communitiesCompetency #9 – Evaluate individuals, families, organizations and communitiesAddress areas of growth, and challenges in each competency above (#1-3, and 6-9).You may address other competencies in addition to those listed above, if relevant to your internship and area of practice. Ex, SW 755 may wish to include additional competencies regarding policy practice and evidenced based practice and research.GrowthEvaluate your learning and describe how you acquired these skills. Please include examples to illustrate your growth and increased competence.Challenges – Areas for ImprovementYou may address gaps or challenges. You may discuss areas you would like to gain more experience in and areas you did not cover. What competencies do you still struggle with? What new experiences would you like to be exposed to?ReferenceComprehensive Skills Evaluation – Use the individual practice behaviors listed under each competency to gain a better understanding of the possible content areas.Complete your self evaluation in the narrative space below: (2-3 pages equivalent)Your field instructor and field faculty will review and sign after you have completed and signed the form. You may wish to review your self evaluation with your field instructor as part of your end of semester evaluation and dialogue.

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