Salisbury University Interview with A Social Worker Paper

This paper should be five to seven pages in length (not including the title page) and follow APA formatting. You are to interview via Zoom or via phone a practicing social worker (licensed, if possible) from a local agency, in your community. They must have the job title of either Social Worker or Case Worker, and have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in social work. The interviewee may not be a SU faculty member.


Begin by identifying the name of the social worker and the name of the agency.
Give a summary of the purpose and mission of the agency. Give the agency webpage and the social worker’s agency email contact information.
Then, use the questions below to guide your interview
but feel free to supplement your own questions.

  1. How long has the interviewee been employed by the agency?
  2. What is their job description?
  3. What are the roles associated with their job?
  4. How did they come to choose social work as a field of work?
  5. What population do they serve?
  6. What are the major social issues in serving their population?
  7. How did they choose the setting in which they are employed?
  8. What is the approximate pay scale/pay range for social work positions in their agency?
  9. What are the challenges they encounter in their job?
  10. What do they like/dislike about their job?
  11. What change would they make if they had the opportunity?
  12. What other professionals do they work with and how do they interact?
  13. If starting a career over, would they chose social work? Why or why not?
    What profession would they choose if they selected another profession and why?
  14. How has COVID 19 impacted them, their clients, their work ?
  15. What are your personal thoughts and perceptions?
  16. What did you learn?
  17. Did anything surprised you?
  18. Agency Mission Statement(often found on their web page).
  19. Agency tagline, a short often one sentence version of their mission statement.

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