Sales Strategies Official Recommendation for Brrd Company Letter

Please take the following text and rewrite it yourself as a business consultant writing business strategy recommendations to a client who is Bob (owner of Brrd). Letter has to be in between 150 to 300 words.

“Problems: The sales have continued to slip year over year and the company needs a clear, focused path moving forward. The current product only supports Chinese.

Need: Develop a plan to grow sales and differentiate themselves from other competitive products.

Product Value: The Brrrd created a learning model that made learning Mandarin casual conversation easy. Through the implementation of association learning, the product directly correlates consumer’s memory of words and phrases to everyday topics. With this fun and interactive approach to memorizing applicable conversational sentences, the tool is most effective in that people attach themselves emotionally to the product.

Our Recommendation:

Steph should recommend to Bob that the company should fuse humor and its practicality for breakthrough products in new product categories. She should also re-emphasize the marketable value of Brrrd which are both entertainment and educational purposes. The Brrrd’s strength is that it adds so much enjoyment to learning, but users don’t even recognize its products as educational tools. Yet, Brrd’s sales team found this to be a niche-based marketing tactic based on a “less is more” philosophy that instead stumped potential in sales.

To move forward, Steph should also recommend Brrrd immediately analyze the advantages and disadvantages of integrating Alexis products; and make a decision moving forward within a deadline. Instead of “sitting” on the idea of one product for almost three years until the sale slides. This particular issue reflects on a lack of active decision-making and the under-utilization of human resources of the company. After deciding on Alexis products, Brrrd should frame the company’s strategy into a roadmap of curated meetings with specific agendas like brainstorming, planning, and product development with a clear voting method for decisions.

As observed, Steph initially did not intelligently manage the investors’ money to equate an increased value of productivity. Moving forward with the next timeline, Steph as the leader, must clearly define the company’s mission, culture and organizational dynamics.”

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