Rutgers University Communications Coca Cola Company Diagnostic Paper

[Paper 1: Diagnostic Paper]

  • Select an organization of your interest. You can choose an organization that you want to work for after you graduate or one that interests you the most or even your current employer. It can be any organization from a large multi-national conglomerate to a grassroots nonprofit organization serving the community, or startup companies emerging to the industry anew.
  • After you chose an organization of your interest, research about the organization in any way you can (e.g., website, social media, annual reports, news coverage, media materials, advertisements, etc.). Collected resources will be critical as you learn more about the organization’s various communication processes.
  • With the information you found address the following in the paper:

1) Organizational Introduction:

– Provide basic information about the organization (e.g., Name, size, annual revenue, industry, main role, location, etc.).

2) Communication Climate:

– Provide details on the various organizational communication processes based on your researched resources.

-Think about the following but not limited to: What’s their stakeholder communication like? What is their current communication like? Are they active on social media? What kinds of social media do they use? What do they post the most? Do they have a large number of followers? Are their websites up to date? Do they display an active relationship with the media? Are there a lot of press releases about the organizational activity? Do they sponsor many public events? Do they have many partners? Has the organization recently experienced any crisis (e.g., United Airline’s passenger discrimination, Enron’s Scandal, J&J lawsuit, etc.)? How does the leader appear in public?, etc).

– These resources can be critical assets as you try to connect the dots and assess why they may experience certain issues.

3) Communication Assessment

Based on the researched information, assess their communication. In other words, what can you infer about the organization’s communication (in)effectiveness/strength/weakness? Based on your own assessment of organizational communication, think about potential reasons for the communication issues. With the researched information you can think about why such communication barriers/challenges/issues may arise. What are some key areas the organizations could work on?

(For instance, when the United Airline debacle took place in 2018, the CEO’s poor response the next day angered the public, essentially harming the organization’s public image. This implies that the organization’s strategic communication or crisis management was not very effective. It could also mean a lack of internal communication structure, lack of diversity training among executive members, failure of stakeholder communication etc.).

This paper is to help you dig deep into the underlying communication norms/processes of an organization of your interest. The paper should offer relevant evidence to support your claim. Merely saying they failed to communicate effectively because they are inactive on social media isn’t enough. Dig deeper and think about why that might be.

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