Review the information attached and write 2-3 page paper addressing questions marked below: Review the System Usability Scale

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Review the information attached and write 2-3 page paper addressing questions marked below:

Review the System Usability Scale(

and the two of the cases (videos) from the AHRQ Health IT Success Stories

1st video


2nd video


One of the ways that we gain information in life is to learn from other’s experiences.

Use the information to compare, contrast, or highlight the CASE Study-Conversion to an EHR Messaging System(listed below)centered on how health care IT impacts patient care or outcome.

After you review your selected videos above, address the following:

· Assess the part the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) plays in health care information systems acquisition.

· Provide alternatives to alleviate major concerns.

· Analyze whether value was added through acquisition to your proposed health care information system.

· Analyze the principles of SDLC (a decision-making model) as is applicable to your health care IT systems acquisition.

· Assess the System Usability Scaleand the user experience.

· Evaluate the essential components of the project life cycle.

· Examine the benefit(s) and economic impact of your proposed system acquisition.

· Describe whether the quality implementation/acquisition impacts your chosen topic for your proposal and final presentation. This response needs to be one paragraph in length.

The Case Analysis: Systems Acquisition paper

· Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length

· Must use at least three scholarly sources

CASE STUDY – Case 8: Conversion to an EHR Messaging System

Goodwill Health Care Clinic is the clinical arm of Jefferson Health Sciences Center in a large Southern city. The clinic was founded in the early 1950s as a place for faculty physicians to engage in clinical practice. Over the years the clinic has grown to nine hundred faculty physicians and two thousand employees, with over one million patient visits per year. Clinic services are spread across eleven primary care and specialty care units. Each unit operates somewhat independently but shares a common medical record numbering system that enables consolidation of all documentation across units. Paper charts were used until two years ago, when the clinic adopted an EHR system.

Goodwill Health Care Clinic uses a centralized call center to receive all patient calls. Patients call a central switchboard to schedule appointments, request medication refills, or speak to anyone in any of the eleven units. Call center staff members are responsible for tracking all calls to ensure that each is dealt with appropriately. Currently the call center uses a customized Lotus Notes system that can be accessed by anyone in the system who needs to process messages. Messages can be tracked and then closed when the appropriate action has been taken. Notes created from closed messages are printed and filed in the appropriate patients’ paper records. These notes cannot be accessed via the EHR.

Clinic staff members are very comfortable with the current Lotus Notes system, and it is used routinely by all units.

Information Systems Challenge

Goodwill Health Care Clinic requires all medication lists and refill information to be kept up-to-date in the EHR. Therefore, the existence of the current Lotus Notes system means that the same information must be documentedin two locations—first in the call center note and then in the EHR. This leads to duplication of effort and documentation errors. The potential for serious error is present. Physicians and other health care providers look in the EHR for the most up-to-date medication information.

Although the adoption of the EHR has been fairly successful, not all units use all of the available c…

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