Please respond to the below 2 responses with 2 references each

Response 1


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also called Obamacare of 2010 was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama. The objective of ACA is to help uninsured and low-income Americans to have access to healthcare and make insurance coverage more affordable. The ACA increased access for under-insured and uninsured US residents who are estimated to number more than 50 million (Milstead & Short, 2019) This ACA has helped in alleviating many healthcare disparities and socio-economic problems facing the American public. It has encouraged health promotion and disease prevention in our society. The primary components of the Affordable Care Act including the individual mandate, subsidized Marketplace coverage, and state Medicaid expansions were implemented in 2014 (Anderson, 2021). The ACA made it possible for people with pre-existing conditions to get health insurance coverage at an affordable rate.

The efforts to repeal or replace ACA whether whole or in part have been politicized. President Trump and some Republican congress members tried so much to replace ACA also known as Obama care, but they failed because of the popularity of the law and benefits. Some members of congress especially right-wing politicians have politicized ACA. They see repealing it as a winning campaign issue for their base. Also, Left-wing politicians, due to the popularity of the ACA see it as a winning political issue. Both parties used ACA as a political tool. Due to public support and popularity of the ACA, President Biden included the expansion of the ACA in the American Rescue Plan Act he signed into law in March 2021. (Keith, 2021)

Voter’s view depends on their political affiliation and how they have been impacted by the ACA. People who benefited from ACA irrespective of their political leaning will support ACA or some amendments to make it better. People who have not benefited or have no need for ACA may want it repealed due to the cost of implementing ACA. 2 APA Refrences

Response 2


On March 23, 2010, President Barack signed a health reform law known as the Affordable Care Act. This law provided Americans with access to affordable health insurance. The Affordable Care Act’s purpose is to improve the quality of healthcare and to reduce health care spending in the U.S (, 2014).

 A legislator is a person who serves in the state legislature or U.S. Congress that makes decisions regarding bills and resolutions. Legislators come together and discuss problems that they would like solved to then present them to the House of Representatives or Senate in anticipation to form a law (Milstead and Short, 2019). A cost-benefit analysis was done by the legislators being reelected affects whether to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act. The goal of Legislators is to remain in office and that will only happen by finding the support to continually be re-elected. Legislators must be aware of the political climate and how certain votes will affect their ability to stay in office. When it comes to repealing or replacing the Affordable Care Act, low- income families would lose health care coverage. According to Buettgens, 81 percent of people losing coverage, including people who live in poverty (2014).

In conclusion, when talking about health insurance reform, legislators have to find a happy medium to satisfy the people to get re-elected and the congress to approve their laws. If America suffers greatly from abolishing the ACA, it falls on the legislators’ hands and people will reconsider whom to vote for in the next election. 2 APA references

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