reply to the students response in 150 words and provide 1 reference question   Describe the collective bargaining process and the importance of it  students response  The following five areas are cove

reply to the students response in 150 words and provide 1 reference


Describe the collective bargaining process and the importance of it

students response

The following five areas are covered by the collective bargaining agreement. They are the management rights, union security, wages and benefits, individual security, and dispute resolution. (Rue, Ibrahim, Byars, 2016). The first area involves the rights that management have under the collective bargaining agreement to manage their employees and work flows. The second of the five areas involve a compulsion for employees to join the union during onboarding. An example of this is in certain positions in federal service are covered by a union. You are not required to join the union s an employee but when using certain actions provided by the union as a non-union member, you may receive similar perks, the person working your appeal may not be the most experienced person as compared to a due paying union member going through the same process. The third area is wages and benefits and this is usually the costliest portion for the employer and the most fought for area for the union. The fourth is security. Security looks at the promotion system for positions covered by the union as protected. If you have seniority in a position, there are steps and direct routes to the next promotion or step up within your scale or grade. The fifth and final area is the no striking clause. Each area is covered within the collective bargaining contract and is also in the employee union handbook. The importance to these positions is that the collective bargaining agreement protects employees often at lower levels within the organization and assists with the benefits process and other issues that may come up during the employee’s tenure with the organization.

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