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Re: Topic 6 DQ 2

My topic is very complex because it focuses on the interventions to reduce mortality in hospital setting compared to other settings. I think that some of the solutions are to focus orientation training in new nurses and re-education on patient’s handoff report and receiving report. When outgoing nurse provides a clear picture of the patient to the upcoming nurse patients, outcomes are more likely to be satisfactory.

I think it is crucial to practice giving and receiving report of all body systems with new nurses. Moreover, asking key questions during report in specific cases and medication verification, specifically IV medication. Another solution is to introduce barcode to all hospitals, this system has saved many lives avoiding medical errors.

Moreover, I would recommend hospitals to offer scholarships to nurses and hire nurses that are willing to get their BSN in X number of years. Finally, I would recommend hospitals to be part of the magnet recognition program.

In the beginning my interventions were focused on new nurses, as my research was advancing, I found that not only new nurses make mistakes, but they would benefit from education. Another interesting fact is that nurses that have higher educations whether they are new or not, have 10% less chances to make mistakes.


Audet, L.-A., Bourgault, P., & Rochefort, C. M. (2018). Associations between nurse education and experience and the risk of mortality and adverse events in acute care hospitals: A systematic review of observational studies. Elsevier Ltd.
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Re: Topic 6 DQ 2

Topic 6 DQ 2

     My change project is focused on the mental and psychological health issues nurses may have after caring for Covid-19 patients during the pandemic after experiencing a high death rate. Unsurprisingly the pandemic has triggered a wave of mental health issues. Whether its managing addiction, depression, social isolation, or just the general stress that resulted from Covid-19, we are all feeling the added stress. (“Here’s How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Out Lives,” 2020)

     The interventions that I will propose to the hospital will help reduce mental and psychological issues which will intern increase productively, increase revenue, and increase patient satisfaction.

     The solutions I would like to see implemented as the result of my change project are:

  1. Provide quiet spaces within the hospital setting for health care professionals to utilize for prayer, meditation, or decompression before, during, and after shift.
  2. Provide health care professional with access to telemedicine for mental health evaluations and on-going psychological treatment.
  3. Allow nurses access to in house Chaplains for prayer, meditation, and counseling with a faith driven perspective.

     The interventions I have proposed have not changed since the first thought of my change project. What has changed is my knowledge on the need for the change and the importance of implementing some type of assistance for nurses and health care professionals battling with mental and psychological issues. The other items that have come forward while doing research on this subject is the importance of nurses to the overall well-being of the hospital and the impact nurses make on not only patient satisfaction, revenue, and overall hospital production. (“Here’s How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Out Lives,” 2020)


Here’s How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Out Lives. (2020). Cleveland Clinic: Health Essentials. Retrieved June 22, 2021, from

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