Reflective Essa’y First Draft


Week 15 – Assignment B – Reflective Essa’y First Draft Due


Sample Student Reflection Essa’ys

Sample Reflective Essa’y.docx

Sample Reflective Essa’y_Sage.docx

Sample Reflective Essa’y_DJ.docx

Compiling a Portfolio

As we work on our final portfolios let’s once again consider some of the running rhetorical ideas we’ve been considering in English 10, purpose and audience, and how they might relate to how you choose to frame your Final Portfolio in your reflective cover letter. Your final portfolio is a chance for you to show what you’ve learned throughout the semester, and as you compile it there are some rhetorical moves you can make in your reflective cover letter to contextualize the materials you choose to put in your portfolio. 

  • Read AWR: C4 “Preparing a portfolio; reflecting on your writing” 36-40. As you read, reflect on your audience and purpose in compiling your own final portfolio.
  • Your audience for the portfolio as a whole will be your instructor and your peers – what do you want to tell them? What do you want to convey about your experience in English 10 through your portfolio?

Writing a Reflection Letter

In addition to the final drafts of Writing Project #2 and #3 (but you may also discuss Writing Project #1 if you’d like) you will be revising one more time for your final portfolio, you will write an additional 2-3 page (600-900 word) reflection. The purpose of reflecting on the course, your writing, and your beginning of the semester reflections is to take stock on what you have learned over time. This writing project is meant to help me, you, and your peers understand what you learned over the course of the semester; this will support you in making goals for developing your literacy abilities in English 10 and other classes you take as a college writer.  


Over the course of the semester, we have focused on developing definitions, contexts, and applications for several key terms. These terms are listed in the schedule and include: 1) Rhetoric, 2) Inquiry, 3) Conversation, 4) Report, 5) Genre, 6) Audience, 7) Purpose, 8) Process, 9) Analysis. Using your Writing Project #2: Evaluations Essa’y as a starting point, and then reflecting on Writing Project #3 – choose two to three terms above and discuss what you have learned about those concepts in our class and how you will use those ideas in other writing contexts.

For definitions of these terms

Final Product

The genre of this writing is a letter, so be sure to use what you know about letters, including a direct address for your readers and an informal tone, with a signature at the end, to create this piece. Additionally:

  • Name the key term you want to discuss.
  • Be sure to define what it means to you and discuss how you developed an idea of that meaning.
  • Tell readers also how you apply it to writing. Use examples to show readers how you think about and apply it.
  • Think about how you might use that concept in other writing or communication situations that are not from this class.


The point is for you to write a focused, purposeful, reflective piece of writing that demonstrates what you learned in this class using evidence from your writing and the class to substantiate your claims, and analysis and reflection to consider the significance of those claims. NOTE: Please do not use this pape’r to talk about what a great class this was (or not) or how much you liked me as a teacher (or not).


2-3 pages (600-900 words), double-spaced.

Post here.

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