Recommendation of ION on future of nursingPromote Nurses’ Pursuit of Doctoral Degrees. The

Recommendation of ION on future of nursing

Promote Nurses’ Pursuit of Doctoral Degrees. The

Campaign should make efforts, through incentives and expansion of programs, to promote nurses’ pursuit of both the doctor of nursing practice (DNP) and PhD degrees so as to have an adequate supply of Assessing Progress on the Institute of Medicine Report The Future of Nursing Copyright National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. SUMMARY 9 nurses for clinical care, research, faculty, and leadership positions. More emphasis should be placed on increasing the number of PhD nurses in particular. To maximize the potential value of their additional education, nurses should be encouraged to pursue these degrees early in their careers. DNP and PhD programs should offer coursework that prepares students to serve as faculty, including preparing them to teach in an evolving health care system that is less focused on acute care than has previously been the case.


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