Read the Module and articles by Wachtendorf (2003), Harrald (2006), and Drabek & McEntire (2002).  What are the key issues for organizations in dealing with disasters?  Organizations in Critical Inci

Read the Module and articles by Wachtendorf (2003), Harrald (2006), and Drabek & McEntire (2002). What are the key issues for organizations in dealing with disasters?

Organizations in Critical Incidents (Flexibility, Emergence, Creativity and Improvisation

Read or Review

Module 3: Organizations in Critical Incident Response: overview, objectives and the following parts of the commentary:

Part I: Organizations in Incident Response

Disaster Research Center Organizational Typologies

Creativity and Improvisation

Inter-organizational Coordination – Emergent Multi-organizational Networks (EMONS) for Critical Incident Response

Inter-organizational Coordination in Hurricane Katrina

In the UMUC Library: Agility and Discipline: Critical Success Factors for Disaster Response By John R. Harrald The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Vol. 604, Shelter from the Storm: Repairing the National Emergency Management System after Hurricane Katrina (Mar., 2006), pp. 256-272 (Pay particular attention to the organization typology – page 268)

Pfeifer, J. (2012). Adapting to Novelty: Recognizing the Need for Innovation and Leadership. WNYF. htttppss://ash.harvardedward/files/adapting_to_novelty.pdf

Schiller, K. (2011, May) Disaster Response: Technology Makes a Difference. http://wvvw.infotoday.comm/it/may11/Schiller-Disaster-Response.shtml

Kendra, J. & Wachtendorf, T. (2003).Creativity in Emergency Response to the World Trade Center Disaster. In Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center, Public Entity Risk Institute, and Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems. http://wvvw.riskinstitute.orrg/peri/images/file/sept11book_ch5_kendra.pdf

Watch video referred to in this article

Beyond September 11th: An Account of Post-Disaster Research. Special Publication No. 39. Boulder, CO: Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center. Creativity in the 9/11 Response http://wvvw.coloradoedward/hazards/publications/sp/sp39/sept11book_ch5_kendra.pdf

Drabek, T. & McEntire, D. (2002). Emergent Phenomena and Multiorganizational Coordination in Disasters: Lessons from the Research Literature, International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, 20(2), 197-224. http://wvvw.ijmed.orrg/articles/574/download/

Barbaro, M. & Gillis, J. (2005, September 6). Wal-Mart at Forefront of Hurricane Relief.




Watch: Covella, V. (2011, February 23). Message Mapping, (linked in commentary or full version here – 41:16 minutes), Homeland Security Research http://vimeo.comm/20290221 or article

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