Read the attached case study (PDF document) and respond to the questions below.  Copy the questions and write your responses below each question.  Submit in the Write Submission box. Do not use the C

Read the attached case study (PDF document) and respond to the questions below.

Copy the questions and write your responses below each question.

Submit in the Write Submission box. Do not use the Comment Box.

DO NOT ATTACH a document.

It will be necessary for you to research CRM strategies and/or implementation in Russia to formulate your responses.

HINT: see the articles listed under References in the attached document.

Cite References in APA style


Assume you are James Williams developing a presentation on CRM in Russia for the Board of Directors of AMIR limited:

Identify strategies for the CRM project implementation.

Identify reasons contributing to the failure of the CRM implementation at Mashkin.

Discuss the current state of CRM practice in emerging markets using the example in Russia.

What additional challenges might companies in Russia face in implementing CRM projects?

Article below:

CusrouER REr-ATroNSHrp MANAGEMENTStnetBcv(A TnecHrNG Cesu Sruov)Tamilla Curtis.Nova Southeastcrn University317 Aleatha Drive, Davtona Beach, FL 32114Donald BarercNova Southcastcrn Univcrsifi,1900 Pelican Landing Blvd, #1t)23, Clear-water, FL 33762Tom GriffinN c.rva Southeastern University2900 NE 30th St. Unit 8G, Fort Lauderdale, FL 3330(rDespite the benefit afered lry ilte integration of cuttomer relationsltip management (CkM) strategywith aduanced lechno/0g,, manlt companiu ii//fail to see competitiae aduautage results protnbed b1CRM.’I’his case stadl proaides a platformfor student anafisis and discassion in lhis area.This case ttud1 is presented in two parts. Tlte frst part descibu the unvccessfal inplemenlation ofan integrated CRM ysteru witbin a ntidsiqefnancialfrm based in the (J.l; the second partprouidesan oueruiew 0f CkNI deueloptrent in kusia af huo telecomruunication companies. Suge$ed tlueilions.for discassion are presenled. Appendix A prauides an oueruiea of CkM that can be eruplayd al theoption rf an instractor tct transition between a spectfic curicu/urt and the case. Teaching ncttes(inckding exanple respzltrr,i for each discussion question) are aaailable b), contacting thecome$onding author.Telephone: 386 226 7173e-mail: cuttist(@erauedward53

afnternational Business: Research, Teaching and Ptactice2008 (2) 1MesnrcN GRoupN{ashkin Group Inc. (N{ashkin), a wholly owned subsidiary of Amir Inc., a Britishfinancial conglomerate, is a medium-size, asset-managemerit group based in theUS. Mashkin consists of three primary dir.isions: a mutual fund company with$10 billion in assets; a separate, but closelr,- affiiiated asset management companvrvith $15 billion in assets; and a financial services company. Since the early 1990s,these three enterprises have shared the same client database and other softwareprograms. The first program utilized, an inexpensive, off-the-shelf system withlimited capabilities, was used by the sales department of both the mutual fundcompany and the asset maflagement company primarily to store names,telephone numbers, and notes of salespeople. A second progtam was used by theIT department to update the database as new clients arrived and record daily salesdata. A third program was installed at all internal and external salespersons’workstations and laptops to provide current data to the sales force. In addition,the Client Service Call Center used a sepa(ate designed-in-house program to trackincoming call activity.The technology systems utilized by employees in N{ashkin were designed tosupport general sales activities. None of the software was designed specifically forthe needs of their financial divisions (either the murual fund or the assetmanagement side) and lacked the anaiytic functionality as weil as the collaborativefunctionaLitv to interface with other systems rvithin Mashkrn. This limitedfunctionaliry of technologv forced emplovees to spend an inordinate amount oftime manuall1, jumping bctween applicauons and creating new reports to impor…

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