Read 3 articles and watch a video  htttppss://wvvw.hermanmiller.comm/stories/why-magazine/shell-shorts/ htttppss://wvvw.businessinsider.comm/a-chinese-company-3d-printed-10-houses-in-a-day-2014-4 htttppss://

Read 3 articles and watch a video





The format you are asked to use for all posts is called Triangle/Square/Circle.

Name three things that stood out for you and provide a reason why each one did;

Name one thing that squared (or resonated) with you and provide a reason why it did;

Name one thing that is still circling in your mind and provide a reason why it is.

Minimally 500 words, but no more than 1,000;

Informative reflection based on the most or all Readings and Viewings provided;

Opinion substantiated with facts and/or evidence;

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