Re: Text Ch 7, Essentials of Sociology, A. GiddensWhat is stratification?What is social

Re: Text Ch 7, Essentials of Sociology, A. Giddens

What is stratification?

What is social

prestige? Achieved status? Ascribed status?

What was wrong with Marx’s view on stratification?What is Max Weber’s view on stratification?What social class are you in if you make $115,000 a year just with high school?What social class is a family if the father makes $32,000 & his wife makes $15,000?What is surplus value?What are the effects of technology on stratification?Upper Class important facts How does the government determine the poverty line?Social Security & Medicare important factsWhat is Charles Murray’s view on dependence culture? What is culture of poverty?What is the most distressing sign of stratification in the US?What is social mobility? Name 4 types of social mobility. What does cultural capital mean according to Pierre Bourdieu?

*I am looking for short, brief, answers, THANK YOU*

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